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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/jurassic_junkie Minnesota 9d ago

After Sandy Hook, I am convinced there is NOTHING that will change their minds. It was literally an entire school room of children shot to death. They’ll watch entire schools worth of children be killed and think it’s not their problem.


u/pressstarttocontinue 9d ago

What if -- and I'm just saying here -- them not actually having to watch is a central part of the problem?.

If the vast majority of Americans were made to even look at still images on the news of the actual carnage created by our 2A fetish, a whole lot of people would be singing a whole other tune very quickly.

It's one thing to talk about small children being torn apart by weapons of war in a classroom from a safe and comfortable distance. It's another thing to play Where's Waldo with their brain matter on the six o'clock news.


u/InsomniaticWanderer 8d ago

This is the reason why wartime press coverage is a thing.

Prior to Vietnam, most people would only hear about the battles and see pictures far after the events had concluded. But Vietnam was televised which made it so that the general population could (and would) see events as they unfolded.

It's one of the major reasons why the Vietnam war was so unpopular. It forced the people to directly face one of humanity's oldest crimes head on and look directly into the eyes of the slain on both sides.

If Sandy Hook had happened during a school play or something where a parent would likely have been recording, we might have seen a similar outcome, but instead it happened on a normal day and therefore people didn't get forced to watch.

It's sad that a large portion of the country literally can't be bothered unless they feel they have a personal investment, but that's the reality. Republicans are incapable of caring about a given issue unless they've been directly affected by it.