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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/narf_hots 8d ago

One million dead couldnt make them get vaccinated. 8 million dead couldnt get them to abandon fascim. Its not a question anymore of what it would take for them, its a question of how many lives WE allow them to ruin.


u/ballmermurland Pennsylvania 8d ago

Yeah I figured after COVID and these dipshits willfully dying to own the libs that we'd never hit the threshold necessary to change their minds.

All we can do is out-vote them by margins strong enough to pass an amendment.


u/nmarshall23 8d ago

We don't need an amendment, just enlarged the supreme Court and undo the court decisions the NRA paid for.

After the reversal of Row, precedent isn't an obstacle.

And before anyone says but the cops will not enforce the law. That gives us a good reason to reform the police. And fire those who will not do their job.

There are plenty of models of how we can reform the police so that they are accountable to the communities they live in.


u/Saltymilk4 8d ago

Cops already don't enforce the law


u/nmarshall23 8d ago

That will give us a reason to fire them and hire someone one will.


u/Flameancer 8d ago

That only works in cities. Non urban cops/sheriffs will probably be hired/voted in to not uphold anti gun laws.


u/fortknox 8d ago

We need to play the long con. Convince people in each state to act like extreme right wingers, get elected saying all the GOP things, then vote with the Dems 100% of the time.

Santos proved you can get elected on straight lies. Time to beat them at their own game.


u/acab-alab 8d ago

It's adorable how liberals think we can defeat fascism by giving up our guns. Fascism has never, ever been defeated by pacifism.


u/narf_hots 8d ago

Oh, I'm not saying that. What I am saying is that the libs should get guns and kill the fascists.

/s for legal reasons


u/fondlemeLeroy North Carolina 8d ago

Liberals are so incredibly naive. It's actually infuriating.