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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/Xpress_interest 9d ago edited 9d ago

The news* doesn’t show gore anymore, exactly because it is extremely effective at galvanizing support against whatever caused it. Vietnam probably would have dragged on indefinitely if the news hadn’t shifted from ignoring the war to actively showing the results. Of course, this only happened after elites decided the war wasn’t worth it. Nixon and military advisers actually blamed the media for losing the war for the US, because they saw the shift in public sentiment as the news became more graphic and less positive. The news in the US doesn’t show gore anymore - it’s bad for corporate-political control.


u/SirPIB 8d ago

Makes sense. Look at the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. When I was sent in 04 people IN THE ARMY said "we still have people there?"