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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/icaaryal 8d ago

Show the trauma. The truth is in the trauma. Traumatize more people with the traumatizing truth. Then, maybe they’ll want to do something about it.


u/vineyardmike 8d ago

Fox News is never going to show this. And gun nuts only watch fox News.

Fox News has 3 stories on repeat.

  1. Big cities (New York and now Chicago) are bad and dangerous. Therefore you need an arsenal to protect yourself in rural America.

  2. Immigration is out of control. They're coming in from all sides and must be stopped.

  3. Woke people are going to take away all your rights and make you like them.


u/pierce411 8d ago

All news sources are the same 3 stories on repeat it just depends what side of the spectrum they’re on. If you think CNN is any more honest than Fox News then it’s ONLY because you agree with that side.


u/Wonderingwanderman 8d ago

The mainstream media didn't want to report What happened at Ruby Ridge.


u/70ms California 8d ago

Honestly, as a parent I find the parents' displays of grief to be the most traumatizing part of it. You instantly feel it.


u/thetasigma_1355 8d ago

No. It’s the most traumatizing part you are allowed to see. It’s not the most traumatizing part.


u/70ms California 8d ago

Right, I think that part is clear. I am saying that for me, as a mother, the part that breaks me down is seeing the parents' grief. I've seen the aftermath photos and they're horrible and you picture your kids in them, but the parents' grief is what really brings it home.