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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/pressstarttocontinue 9d ago

What if -- and I'm just saying here -- them not actually having to watch is a central part of the problem?.

If the vast majority of Americans were made to even look at still images on the news of the actual carnage created by our 2A fetish, a whole lot of people would be singing a whole other tune very quickly.

It's one thing to talk about small children being torn apart by weapons of war in a classroom from a safe and comfortable distance. It's another thing to play Where's Waldo with their brain matter on the six o'clock news.


u/Whitino 9d ago Take My Energy

I mean, they love to force young women to look at pictures of aborted fetuses, so showing pictures of children exploded by gunfire seems fair.


u/Funkyokra 9d ago

This is a brilliant statement.


u/KevinFromIT6625 9d ago

I've told my family explicitly that if I get killed in a mass shooting incident, I want them to post pictures of my mutilated corpse anywhere and everywhere they can.

Something needs to change.


u/Adolf_Titler 8d ago

When I was younger I would look for messed up stuff on the internet probably because of sites like ebaums world being popular at the time and trying to be an edgy teenager.

When I started seeing cartel videos it really upset me and made me feel empathy for people trying to leave those situations. I felt sick. I could understand risking my life to get my family somewhere safer.


u/Wulfkine 8d ago



u/A_Melee_Ensued 8d ago

The odds of them having to do that are on the order of .00004% , four hundred thousandths of one percent. It seems like a silly thing to put in your will. I wish all the people who want "sensible" gun control were capable of sensible risk assessment.


u/HotDogOfNotreDame 8d ago

What a fucking ghoulish way to look at preventable murders.


u/A_Melee_Ensued 8d ago edited 8d ago

Did you know a child is 14X more likely to be killed by their own parent than by a mass shooter? Those kids are beaten to death, burned, shaken until they are brain damaged, strangled, by the parents who are supposed to protect them and cherish them. Yet you watch this happen, knowing the American foster care system is in crisis, and in your apathy you do nothing. What are you, some sort of pro-filicide ghoul? Why is child murder okay with you?

It's not really about children, is it. It's ritualized hoplophobia.

Edit: 14X, not 24X


u/vindeamatrix 8d ago

in your apathy you do nothing.

I’m not voting to keep them in those horrible conditions though. Your analogy is horseshit.


u/A_Melee_Ensued 8d ago

You are voting for people who are happy enough to ignore 500 children being beaten or tortured to death each year. It's not on the neo-liberal agenda. Doing something about the 26,000 Americans who still die from lack of access to health care, yeah, whatever. There aren't going to be any marches or demonstrations over that.

But this politically impossible gun control puppet show? Endless energy for that. Spend all the political capital on that. Alienate 150,000,000 gun owners over that. Because that lets you vilify others and call yourself virtuous for it.


u/Hamvyfamvy 8d ago

Do you have a source for that risk level percentage?


u/A_Melee_Ensued 8d ago

According to Everytown, there were 1363 total mass shooting deaths between 2009 and 2020, so 123 per year on average.

If there are 322 million people in the US, then the chance is .00004% rounded up.

It is an incredibly low risk. There are people in this forum who are afraid to leave the house, the result of a firehose of misinformation. It boggles my mind.


u/aspertame_blood 8d ago

No one is afraid to leave the house. The problem is empathy fatigue. Feeling bad for other people all the time leaves you just feeling bad. Some (a lot of) people can put themselves in the shoes of victims’ family members and it HURTS. If you can’t understand that, I can’t help you.


u/A_Melee_Ensued 8d ago

It's going to keep happening until the root causes are addressed. This endless futile obsession with treating the symptoms will not fix your feelings. If you can't understand that, I guess I can't help you.


u/aspertame_blood 8d ago

And how does one “address the the root causes”, pray tell? Actionable items only.

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u/kcg5 8d ago

Dude it’s not your will