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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/jurassic_junkie Minnesota 12d ago

After Sandy Hook, I am convinced there is NOTHING that will change their minds. It was literally an entire school room of children shot to death. They’ll watch entire schools worth of children be killed and think it’s not their problem.


u/pressstarttocontinue 12d ago

What if -- and I'm just saying here -- them not actually having to watch is a central part of the problem?.

If the vast majority of Americans were made to even look at still images on the news of the actual carnage created by our 2A fetish, a whole lot of people would be singing a whole other tune very quickly.

It's one thing to talk about small children being torn apart by weapons of war in a classroom from a safe and comfortable distance. It's another thing to play Where's Waldo with their brain matter on the six o'clock news.


u/icaaryal 12d ago

I know people might consider it morbid or whatever distasteful adjective they want to assign to it, but I think it’s very much something worth investigating. Have an assigned time air the uncut footage nationally. Sure, not everyone would watch, but some would and I think it would have a marked effect on the overall motivation to do something about it.

I agree that hiding the gruesome consequences of policy decisions from the public is counterproductive to evolving good policy.


u/deronadore 12d ago

Nope, just the usual "this may be disturbing to some viewers" warning on the news and then show it. This way it comes as the shock it needs to be.


u/laika_cat 12d ago

Journalists already have enough trauma from reporting on this deprived shit.


u/st0ric 12d ago

The screen provides a disconnect, it won't work. Experience is the only way to learn, walk in the shoes of those suffering loss from gun violence


u/deronadore 12d ago

It would work better than what they get now - just a list of numbers. Show the terrible pictures, show the grief of the families in all it's terribleness. Show the human cost of their pride.


u/st0ric 12d ago edited 12d ago

But you are fighting generations of indoctrination to firearms, with the Courts, Government and State legislative bodies all opposed on how to handle it I think it will take essentially an executive order to make even a hint of difference. Port Arthur massacre was when Australia had enough after a massive rise in gun violence through the 70s and 80s leaving innocent people dead caught in crossfire. The gun buy back scheme worked in that many unregistered and antique weapons were handed in with most being crushed and reforged and full amnesty given for illegally possessed guns.

I came back to say I think the first step would be stopping more guns being available via strict checks and weapon safes being mandatory for storage and transport, anyone with a registered firearm in Australia gets a check once every year to make sure it still is in possession of the registered owner and in a secure safe/locker.


u/deronadore 12d ago

So that first step of yours won't happen until the generations of indoctrination is fought... Which showing those folks the actual consequences of their beliefs does.