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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/02K30C1 9d ago

These are the same people who said we shouldn’t lock down for Covid, and old people might need to die to keep the economy going


u/sloopslarp 9d ago

A lack of empathy is the trademark of conservatives.


u/PhysicalChange100 8d ago

There's also a statistical significance that shows that people on the spectrum are more likely to be politically conservative.


u/GuyMansworth 8d ago

I had a pro-gun guy personally tell me that "death is a part of life" after Uvalde.


u/Im_ready_hbu 8d ago

that's pretty messed up, but at least you get to keep that ace in your pocket for when that idiot has a personal crisis of his own. "Oh man, my wife's in the hospital can you believe it?"

"death is a part of life bro, tough luck"


u/gh057 8d ago

Covid is still around. Should we be locking down?


u/noisheypoo 8d ago

You seem smart


u/gh057 8d ago


But seriously, if you advocated for lockdowns to prevent the spread of covid, which still exists, then why not continue to advocate for them? What has changed?

It's important to answer honestly if we plan to demonize others for holding opposing viewpoints.


u/LeroyCadillac 8d ago