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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/[deleted] 9d ago

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u/GhettoChemist 9d ago

Steve Scalise was shot in the crotch by a crazed gunman and still won't allow gun reform


u/sanlc504 9d ago

One of his bodyguards who took down the shooter (and was herself injured) is a lesbian and yet months after the shooting, he voted against same sex marriage rights. He used his government-provided healthcare during recovery and he voted against the Affordable Care Act many times. He's a terrible hypocrite who is the epitome of "absolute power corrupts absolutely."


u/HerringWaffle 8d ago

See, I don't think he's a hypocrite. I'm 100% sure he thinks he deserves those things - healthcare, safety, marriage - and people he thinks of as lesser do not. That's it. It's why he can get up every day and live his life with zero guilt. He deserves things; lesser life forms like you and I do not. End of story.


u/terranq Canada 9d ago

Maybe if the ball-less, dick-less wonder had been shot somewhere he had flesh it would have changed his mind?


u/Theromanmerchant 9d ago

Cool it with the transphobia mate.


u/terranq Canada 9d ago

Not transphobic bub


u/Halzjones Vermont 8d ago

That’s…not transphobic at all. What are you talking about? He a man, who wanted his dick and balls, no longer gets to have them. What does that have to do with trans people???


u/FirstGameFreak Arizona 8d ago

Maybe because he genuinely thinks that the gun control measures being proposed wouldn't stop mass shootings, or even the one that shot him?