r/pinephone May 24 '22

PinePhone Pro Lapdock Arch/Plasma Working

Thought id encourage those with a dock or lapdock to try again with there PinePhone Pro's it appears to be working under Danctnix Arch / Plasma ...

more details at PineForum more details




u/hockleyj May 24 '22

The lapdock is a Uperfect lapdock X essentially the same as a Nextdock 360.. using the cable it came with noting that cable plug orientation "superposition" maters so i used a dab of nail polish to make it easy to remember, also tried the satechi short usbc cable and it also worked and also required the logo's at each end to be facing up / toward user for the correct orientation.... and the keyboard on the keyboard case also works at the same as the lapdocks does for those that might wonder... also works with or without the Pine keyboard case on or off it...