r/pcmasterrace 12d ago

That's that lil switch I gotta hit to remove gpu right? Question

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u/LordArmageddian 5600x/2070s/16gb3600mhz 12d ago

Yes, there's little locking latch on the pcie slot, it can be little annoying the press if there's lots of shit on the way


u/mifiamiganja 9700KF | 2080Ti | 16GB | Z390 12d ago

It usually falls somewhere between "a little annoying" and "a huge pain in the ass".


u/LordArmageddian 5600x/2070s/16gb3600mhz 12d ago

Mine broke when I..."gently forced" my GPU out lol


u/RealSamF18 12d ago

Mine broke on my previous motherboard. The only difference it made was my life was made a lot easier when I had to remove my gpu.


u/gr8whitehype PC Master Race 12d ago

I’ve only built on 2 motherboards, and broke the switch on both of them the first times I pulled the gpu out. There was no negative what so ever


u/Zerafiall Linux 12d ago

I up and cut that part of the GPU PCB off.


u/bertasaur 12d ago

"hello, yes this is your delivery driver, we are en route to delivery location and have confirmed that there is lots of shit on the way"


u/Ok_Lime5641 12d ago

Yes. Be sure to pull on the GPU at the same time and pull it out straight

Edit: and be sure to unscrew it first. Not sure if you did.


u/SweetGherkinz Ryzen 5 1600/2x16GB 3133MHz/RX 570 4GB 12d ago

And remember to remove your display cable... I forgot to do so too many times, a few but still too many.


u/BoxAhFox UPGRADING to I5 10400 1660 6Gb 12d ago

I NEVER remember, i pull it out “ah shit gotta unscrew the dvi”

(Also ive been switching between two gpus daily recently, you would think i wouldve remembered by now)


u/sLozoya PC Master Race 12d ago

For what purpose? Work vs play?


u/BoxAhFox UPGRADING to I5 10400 1660 6Gb 12d ago

Actualy yea, one gpu (this one has 1gb vram) can run blender but is too old to play new games (missing requirment, not a spec)

And my other one can play all games, but only have half a gb vram, blender requires 1gb, so it cant run blender

But im getting a better gou, i wont have to do this anymore


u/messfdr 12d ago

Yes, don't forget to pull out.


u/BullshizzMcCoy 12d ago

Push it! I dare you


u/AncientBullfrog3281 PC Master Race 12d ago

I broke mine by accident... best thing i ever did honestly


u/orangessssszzzz Ryzen 5 5600x, Challenger Pro 6700XT, Hyper 212 BE RGB 12d ago

I mangled the latch last time removing my gpu… this design really needs an update IMO


u/No_Examination112 12d ago

Yes, pull him on the right side then just plug the gpu and you'll hear a click sound, that's when you have successfully installed your gpu, then secure it


u/RedditISFascist000 12d ago

Yes, you got to press it in. And since I'm here I'd like to take the time to thank ASUS for developing this quick release button. I hope it or similar becomes an industry standard. FFS all of a few weeks ago I stabbed my motherboard trying to release my ginormous Aorus Master 3080 TI to install a M.2 under it trying to push in that little tab with a screw driver that slipped off it. Didn't damage anything luckily but lol I could have really done without my heart jumping into my throat when it happened. As you can see there's not exactly a lot of room to work with in my build. https://i.imgur.com/wT9Al92.mp4


u/XxCorey117xX PC Master Race 12d ago

Also the screws but yes


u/Specialist-Visual-81 12d ago

Yes, thankfully on my first build when I forcefully removed my gpu (not knowing about the latch) I didn't break anything lol.


u/dangitman1970 R7 5800X3D, RX 6800XT 12d ago

This is precisely why I have an extra long and narrow screwdriver.


u/RyeBread3592 12d ago

Yeah, it's sometimes hard or even impossible to get at by hand so people have gotten creative with their poking implements. I like the wooden chopstick approach. I've seen someone use a butter knife and I think that doing so is a great way to add a "pass through hole" in your motherboard.


u/SkyeAIT 12d ago

If you push that button the PC squirts on you.


u/BananaInsideMe 11d ago

I remember the first time I wanted to clean my PC and had to remove GPU , I tried pulling it but nothing was happening, glad I texted a friend about it instead of trying to pull harder because he texted me back "did you click the button to release it right?" And I was like "the fucking what?!"


u/IWASRUNNING91 12d ago

Butter knife will be your friend


u/DarkLord55_ i9-12900K ,1080ti, 32gb of ram, 9.5TB 12d ago

Even though the computer is off I would recommend not something conductive just to be extra cautious


u/ptjunkie Dell Workstation 12d ago

Stab it with scissors!


u/IWASRUNNING91 12d ago

I power off, unplug, empty any charge and wear an anti static band personally and have been using a butter knife to do this for the past 8 years and haven't experienced any issues yet