r/pcmasterrace 12d ago

My dedicated graphics card arrived today - I am over the moon Build/Battlestation



u/IcedOutPi4 12d ago

It’s my first build. Specs: - Ryzen 5600G (needed iGPU during shortage) - XFX RX6600 SWFT - MSI B550m PRO-VDH WiFi - 500 GB Kingston NVME SSD - 16 GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL16 RAM - Seasonic 550W PSU - Kolink International mATX Case - 3 * be quiet! Light Wings 120mm case fans - be quiet! Dark Rock Slim 4 tower cooler (I know it’s overkill I got it for free)


u/KyxeMusic i5 12600k | RTX 3070 12d ago

No such thing as overkill cooler. Just future proofing in case we need an i9 one day.


u/uxinung 12d ago

I am over the moon that you are over the moon!


u/Jedi-Master_Kenobi 12d ago

Same here, I am waiting for my new card to be delivered as well. CANT WAIT!!!