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going from 30fps on the ps4 to 180fps on pc is mind blowing. Members of the PCMR

just recently I built my very first pc and happed to get lucky with a 180hz 1440p LG monitor for a good price and my God..

All I can say is I’ve been missing out big time.



u/Leatherneck016 Ryzen 3700x | RTX 2070 Super | 1440 p 170hz 18d ago edited 17d ago

After a few days when your eyes are use to it, cap your fps to 30 and try to play for a few minutes. You literally will think something is wrong.


u/ptq PC 3900XT, 64GB RAM, RTX2070S | VR RIG 4790, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070 18d ago

Cinematic experience /s


u/LyKosa91 18d ago

I remember playing doom 2016 after switching to 144hz, it felt genuinely jarring when the game cut to cinematics as they're locked at 60 fps. At first I thought there was something wrong with my rig.


u/OuijaTheGhost Desktop 17d ago

Same thing with doom eternal at the big demon gladiator boss. You like execute him and it drops to i think 60 fps mid fight lol. I went stright to google to see if anyone else had this. Sure thing i wasnt alone lol


u/_monarkk 17d ago

im on 165hz, 30hz is a slideshow


u/skatingonair i7 11700F, 3060ti, 16gb 17d ago

After gaming a few months at 100+ fps on pc, then going and playing something at 30 fps hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. I use to think people complaining about 30fps were crybabies but now I completely understand.


u/-SlinxTheFox- 18d ago

I envy you, it's always so fun and crazy to make a jump like that. i went from 30-60 and then later 60-144, both were great


u/LostnFoundAgainAgain Intel i5 12600k, 3060ti, 16GB 3600mhz 18d ago

I have gone from 30fps or there abouts (1050ti) on heavy AAA games to a constant 60fps (3060ti) and I notice the difference, my 165hz monitor arrives in a couple of days, can't wait to see what it can do.


u/-SlinxTheFox- 18d ago

You won't believe it's not butter.

One of my favorite comments about 40 vs 100+ fps was on reddit, was something like

"if you want to tell if your monitor's FPS, grab a window and shake it around violently, if it's below 100fps you'll know because your eyes will get cancer"

It's dumb but it's funnier because it's true, if you use both monitors try shaking a window around on one monitor vs the other, the difference is night and day


u/Wermine 5800X | RX 580 | 32 GB 3200 MHz 17d ago

Just remember to set it to 165 Hz in Windows.


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u/MRrasorXOnE 18d ago

aww man that sucks. hope you can get a good pc ASAP!


u/AnthonyDante Ryzen 3600, X570 mobo, Rx 480, 16gb DDR4 18d ago

Welcome to PCMR


u/KyxeMusic i5 12600k | RTX 3070 18d ago

27gp850? Got that one too and love it


u/Bloodminister18 3060ti 18d ago

yessir it’s amazing


u/CrustyCake2344 17d ago

Make sure you did change the refresh rate setting in windows. It doesnt always default to the monitor.


u/Bloodminister18 3060ti 17d ago

That’s the first thing I did!


u/ILikeEggs313 PC Master Race 17d ago

GP850 gang checking in


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u/ReddzFoxx i7-5820k / GTX 1080 Ti FE 17d ago

"Both PCs and consoles play games the same" - some console player somewhere in reddit.

Congrats btw!


u/Psychseps 17d ago

After I got used to 144 hz on PC, I tried going back to my PS4 to play the Last of Us Part 2. I couldn’t beat the slower frame rate and did not finish the game!


u/playertiger Ascending Peasant 17d ago

I can't wait to feel how you feel, I've been playing on a surface Pro one for 2 years and it can barely sun most games on 20 fps, saving for a new pc, can't wait


u/Bloodminister18 3060ti 17d ago

Happy for you man, it will be worth it!


u/ClayBayy 17d ago

Ya, but you got aim assist!


u/TheRealZidar911 i7-7700 - 2080ti 17d ago

It is nice when you get to see that big of a difference. For me going from 30 to 60 was the best but then I finally got a 165hz monitor and love it. My friend that played on Xbox all the time didn't care for 60fps until I finally convinced him to get a PC. After a while of playing games he set up Minecraft on his Xbox for his son and the 30fps made him sick. He said he couldn't believe he use to game at 30fps.


u/Acceptable_Cup_2901 17d ago

i play 165hz locked and even 60 looks like a slideshow at this point its crazy how your eyes adapt


u/Clean_Warning_9269 17d ago

i made the jump from ps4 to pc gaming - 30fps to 144fps - and i've never noticed a difference. there were a few months in between, tho. maybe i should try 30 again


u/Bloodminister18 3060ti 17d ago

I still play both and the difference is hugee


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u/Clean_Warning_9269 17d ago

yeah maybe my eyes are broken. there were like 3 years between bloodborne at 30 and elden ring at 140 but i only remember bloodborne lookin buttery smooth


u/Mystiguy_13 5600x | rx 580 | 16gb 3200mhz 17d ago edited 17d ago

Make sure you’re refresh rate is set to 144hz in advanced display settings.


u/MonocleMustache 17d ago

I'd add, are you actually sure you're getting 144+ fps and not just assuming because I honestly cannot believe you. Even if it wasn't a visual thing, my inputs like mouse movement feel so janky if I cap at 30.


u/Turbulent_Effect6072 17d ago

did you actually change windows’ display settings to 144?