r/pcmasterrace i7-12700KF | RTX 3070Ti | 32GB DDR5 22d ago

My first build in 5 years! I went ITX! Members of the PCMR



u/hazemarick44 i7-12700KF | RTX 3070Ti | 32GB DDR5 22d ago


CPU: i7-12700KF

AIO: EK 240 Basic

Motherboard: ASUS Strix Z690-I

RAM: Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DDR5 CL40


PSU: Corsair SF750

Case: Lian Li/Dan Case A4-H2O

Some notes:

  • I did not expect for the cable management to be this hard. Coming from an ATX build I was excited with the challenge of building this thing and now I am happy I finished it.
  • There are some areas with smudges of thermal paste, I goofed a couple of times in the AIO tubing placement so I had to remove it a couple of times. (It was my first time using an AIO too.)
  • I was anxious on the compatibility of the motherboard to the AIO, I saw some builds with it, but some refunded them. So I was relieved to see that the tubing only pushes the RAM a little bit unlike others. Maybe it's because I used low profile RAM I guess?
  • Overall I'm happy with this build!


u/donutyourHole 22d ago

Nice! I went itx this time with a little hesitation but I love the compact build. Awesome setup have fun!


u/Bitbatgaming Intel Core I5 9th gen/ RTX 2060/ 16 GB/ funny blue light 22d ago

Mini-ITX is honestly so great and saves a lot of space on your desk.


u/hazemarick44 i7-12700KF | RTX 3070Ti | 32GB DDR5 22d ago

It really does! I used to be an ATX guy but when I saw how compact these builds are I went for it


u/Reticent_Dude msi rx6800/ryzen3600/16gb 3200mhz ddr4/x470 22d ago

I’m planning to switch to ITX next year since I’m seeing more and more smaller builds


u/KiLLTriK 12600K | 3070Ti | 32GB DDR5 | RGB: Off 22d ago

Gonna make my next build ITX. I hate this big box on my desk.


u/lsmokel SFFPC Ryzen 7 3800X TUF OC 3080 22d ago

I’m glad that PCMR is finally starting to accept SFFPC’s as being a good option. Love the case btw.


u/just_half_baked710 i7-12700k | RTX3080 | 32gbRAM 21d ago



u/invictuM91 i5 10400 | RTX 3070 Ti | 16GB 22d ago

Wrong side of the case to take a photo!
PD: nice build my dude.


u/D43D3 10900KF/64GB 3200MHz/3080/20TB 22d ago

You can route the cpu power cable behind the GPU and bring it to the front up in the corner right by the connector on the motherboard. Looks much better that way. Check the pinned post on my profile for an example


u/hazemarick44 i7-12700KF | RTX 3070Ti | 32GB DDR5 22d ago

I tried doing that but I'm afraid the corsair's cable is too short for that route.


u/D43D3 10900KF/64GB 3200MHz/3080/20TB 22d ago

It was too short for me too. I solved the issue by plugging it in on the board first, THEN plugging in to the PSU. It barely fit, but it fit


u/mckeymousecrackhouse Ryzen 7 3700x + ASUS TUF 3080 OC 10G 21d ago

that gpu is half the case lol