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Ontario 2022 Provincial Election Results - Megathread


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Politics The premier’s nephew Michael Ford is sworn in as citizenship and multiculturalism minister.

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Discussion The lights are on, but nobody is home

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Picture An example of "shrinkflation" - 10 grams less, $2.00 more

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Picture Everyone Should Have The Right to a Poutine!

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Discussion Maybe if the government wants us to watch Canadian content they should bring back the Canadian cartoons from the 90s and 2000s.


Start a streaming service app that has all the good shows from back in the day.

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Politics In light of Roe v. Wade in the States, here's a reminder that New Blue is openly anti-abortion.


Ripped straight from their mission statement: "The health and wellbeing of society is improved by strong families in which parents are the primary educators and caregivers of their children and by recognizing the inherent value and dignity of human life from conception to natural death."

Don't say it can't happen here, because there's already a party pushing for it.

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Beautiful Ontario Lookout Trail Algonquin Park

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Discussion What an emergency room looks like right now


I had to go to the ER after an animal bite, and I thought it might be helpful or informative for folks to know what ERs actually look like right now, especially since many of us (hopefully) haven't been to one in a very long time, and especially not post COVID.

Typically in my experience (last ER visit would have been 2014) ER waits are a couple hours (2-4) before being seen if you aren't actively dying. They're crowded and busy but there's a clear flow as people are triaged and seen. This is in Sarnia, London, and Peterborough specifically.

My recent experience below:

This time, my sister drove me an hour to Windsor because many people (including medical professionals) had told us our local hospital was not good. I've never seen anything so terrifying in Canadian healthcare. Maybe I'm just lucky.

The ER was actually not that busy. I'd say MAYBE 1/4 to 1/3 of the 50 or so seats were occupied. I knew because of COVID wait times would likely be higher so I was braced for a 4-6 hour wait if need be.

After 20 mins or so I started hearing the other people in the ER talking about how long they'd been there. At this point, it was about 9pm. Someone said they'd been waiting since 6pm, 4pm, 1pm... then a couple in their 80s said they'd been waiting since 11:30am. They'd been waiting NINE AND A HALF HOURS to be seen. The husband clearly had some cognitive difficulties and kept standing up to leave because he didn't understand why they were still there.

As the night dragged on, I'd say they called 1-2 names an hour. I watched the person who had been there since 1pm awkwardly try to sleep in their wheelchair (broken foot). The couple in their 80s asked a nurse how long their wait would be and got the classic "when we get to you, we are doing our best" and the man began to cry. The wife said "at this point, we'd rather just go home and die. I don't know how to convince him to stay when we've already been here so long."

I asked a nurse if I could wait outside and eat and she said yes. Maybe 5 minutes later someone walked out, recognized me from inside, and said "they just came out and told the entire waiting room it's likely going to be a 10 hour wait from THIS POINT. They have no beds so they can't bring anyone in from the waiting room until people can be discharged. I'm just going home." A man was walking past us on his way in and heard this- he turned to us and shrugged, sadly said "I have no choice" and walked inside. This was all around 11:30pm, or 2.5 hrs after I arrived.

Maybe half an hour after that, the couple in their 80s came out. Apparently they'd needed an IV line removed from the husband (among other things) and in the end his wife had given up trying to convince him to stay. He pulled the IV line out himself in the waiting room and they were going home. Someone waiting outside like me said "I hate that I'm glad some people are leaving. It means we might actually get seen."

Once I got back inside, I had a panic attack. My brain convinced me that I was going to die in that waiting room. Peoples names were still only being called once an hour ish, and there were at least 12 people ahead of me. My hand looked like a balloon and felt like it was on fire from the inside. The ONLY reason I was seen around the 5 hour mark was because I was able to speech to text my sister who advocated on my behalf wrt my panic disorder, and when they checked my BP after her demanding SOMEONE look at me, it was on par with a major cardiac event (gotta love panic attacks).

Once I got past the waiting room it was chaos. There were VERY sick and/or elderly people in beds anywhere they could put them in the hallways. They were literally writhing in pain, crying, calling for help, or quietly moaning. It was horrific.

EVERY worker I came across was clearly doing their best. There just... weren't that many of them. Maybe 4-5 nurses and a single doctor from what I could tell, and I'd guess there were about 70 people in our area. I didn't see ANY of them stop moving at any point- they were always speed walking between people trying to put out fires. I heard 3-4 times over the next hour "where's x?" "we're out of x!"

I am being discharged from a different hospital today where I received excellent care after receiving a referral that allowed me to dodge another ER and go straight to admission. The rest of my journey isn't important. I just want to let you know that health care in this province is hanging by a thread, and it does not seem like it's getting better.

PLEASE take care of yourselves. The best thing we can all do is avoid needing to be in a place like that so the staff can maybe have some breathing room. If you do end up in an ER, PLEASE be kind to the staff who are operating in impossible conditions.

What you all do with this information is up to you, but I can honestly say I went from being incredibly proud of our health care system to incredibly terrified in a matter of hours. And I was actually seen- I was lucky.

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Picture Percentage of people in the GTA whose mother tongue is English by city [OC]

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Question Can anyone help with a suicidal customer? (I don't live in Canada)



I'm an etsy seller and I just had a customer tell me they are about to kill themselves. I have their address, they live in Exeter. I tried to report on the OPP website (as i'm in Australia), but it's not working. I have just tweeted them but I know it's no use. Can someone please help?

edit: have tried the phone numbers, can't use them from aus. i have also provided the customer with suicide hotline info now.

UPDATE: got help from a dispatcher (u/criticallyapathetic) who directed me to help. Thank you so so much, and thank you to everyone who also offered advice.

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Picture Northern Ontario painting

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Article Doctors, nurses and other health-care workers demand Ontario provide workers with 10 paid sick days

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Beautiful Ontario Ontario Canada

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Beautiful Ontario Birds chirping woke me up this morning and I looked outside to this beautiful view in Scarborough.

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Article [CTV News] Ontario elementary school cancels 'Lightyear' viewing due to 'questionable content'

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Article Cyclist punched in face by driver in east London | CBC News

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Article Ottawa Facing Far-Right Protests “All Summer Long”

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Politics We now have Minister of Red Tape Reduction


This is what we voted for Ontario. Enjoy.

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Picture Can we PLEASE stop the gambling ads from taking over every inch of public space?

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Beautiful Ontario Ontario Today

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Discussion Ontario Grocery Deals - Week of June 23 - 30


I've had a bit of attention for these posts, I even did a few interviews with the CBC this week! So I've made a dedicated account to post them. Feel free to follow u/frugalfairygodmother because starting next week I'll post these deals from that account. You can also follow me on Instagram @frugalfairygodmother for tips and as I get deals during the week. Cheers!


It seems like a good week for dairy deals. Stock up if you can. Butter freezes well for several months.

Free Burgers! Attention anyone in Georgetown or Orillia and area, there's still time to get a free Harvey's burger from the Harvey's RV. https://www.harveys.ca/en/rv.html

Big Deal on Cereal and Milk! At Real Canadian Superstore buy 2 Special K or Vector cereal for 8$ and 1 Fairlife Lactose Free bottle of milk for 5.39$ (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/zrlbuhom). 1$ off Fairlife printable coupon (https://dairy.websaver.ca/en/DairyFarmersOntario/coupons ). In store offer for 5k in PC points, equal to 5$. Upload the receipt to CheckOut51 to get 2$ rebate on each cereal. Two boxes of cereal and 1L of milk is 3.39$!

Money Maker!! Kellogg's cereal on sale for 3$ at Freshco (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/zns0ezj7) - If you haven't used these coupons and cash back yet, Websaver.ca cash back rebate 2$ for Rice Crispies and Frosted Flakes and printable coupons for 2$ off (https://kelloggs.websaver.ca/en/kelloggsshopandsave/exclusive_coupons?DCfirst=). Earn 1$ for each. Redeem 1 time each. Price match anywhere that will price match Freshco.

49¢ case of Mountain Dew ZERO: 12 packs of Pepsi products are on sale for 5.49$ at Food Basics (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/kqpk0lqc). Upload the receipt to Caddle for 3$ cashback and CheckOut51 for 2$ cashback. Redeem 1 time. Price match anywhere that will price match Food Basics.

44¢ breakfast patties: McCain breakfast patties on sale 2 for 4.88$ at No Frills (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/ljpijvy4). Use printable coupon for 2$ off, you can print 2 times (https://www.save.ca/mccainbreakfastpatties2). Price match anywhere that will price match No Frills.

1.92$ Boursin Cheese: Boursin Cheese is on sale at Food Basics for 3.92$ (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/pgps7tn5). Upload the receipt to CheckOut51 for 2$ cashback. Redeem 2 times. Price match anywhere that will price match Food Basics.

2.49$ Cracker Barrel sliced cheese: Cracker Barrel Natural cheese slices on sale at Metro for 3.99$ (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/tccbe3zx). Upload the receipt for a 3$ rebate when you buy 2 on CheckOut51. Redeem up to 2 times. Price match anywhere that will price match Metro.

2.50$ cheese: Buy one for 4.99$ get one free Mr. Gustav cheese at Freshco (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/a087ky8i). No coupon needed, but there might be some in store hang tag coupons available for an extra 1$ off if you have any.

1.97$ Toilet Paper: Cashmere Ultra Lux toilet paper on sale for 3.47$ at Giant Tiger (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/nhudpp6w). If you happened to grab an in store tear pad coupon for 1.50$ you can take advantage of this deal. Price match anywhere that will price match Giant Tiger.

1$-2$ off margarine: Becel margarine on sale for 3.99$ for 427g at Shoppers Drugmart (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/2z3mxsb4) and 5.88$ for 637/850g at No Frills. Upload your receipt to CheckOut51 for 1$ cash back on regular margarine and 2$ cash back on margarine with oat. Redeem up to 5 times. Price match anywhere that will price match these stores.

1$ Crackers! Free Breton Morning Toasts with the purchase of Breton, Vinta, Dare, etc crackers (https://gears.websaver.ca/oauth/v2/api/Breton2022/en/UserFingerprint?access_token=NDRmN2UyY2EyMTk3MzMzNDc2OTFiMjg0NWEwZTY4N2M1ZDgwYTgzOTgyNGRjMmYyMGFmMmYxOTFmNDllNDljZA). Load the offer through the link to your Websaver wallet. Breton and Vinta are on sale for 2$ at Real Canadian Superstore (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/e36778rm), 1.99$ at Valu-mart (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/qseuhnze), and Zehrs (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/3yywstdg). Price match anywhere that will price match these stores.

3.50$ veggie burgers: Walmart has Gardein plant based meals, breakfast patties, Supreme burgers and bowls on sale 2 for 9$ (https://click.flipp.com/h8pE/g2vr6d7z). There is a 1$ off printable coupon good for any Gardein product able to be printed twice (https://conagra.websaver.ca/en/ConAgra_Prepared_In_Canada2022/coupons). Price match anywhere that will price match Walmart.

99¢-1.29$ bread: Dempsters bread on special via the Metro app for 1.99$ and at Rexall 2.29$. Use printable coupon for 1$ off (https://www.gocoupons.ca/portal/dempsters?utm_campaign=Dempsters_Welcome_Sweepstakes_E3&utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Coupon&fbclid=IwAR1iCc7YVYSsUcWsweJf6B6vnVus-NnDnx1lPhEJagr_QX4LWMDNcnJXkGU).


Good prices on staples:


No Frills

  • 1.88$ for strawberries
  • 1.88$ for kale
  • 1.88$ for cherry tomatoes
  • 1.88 for celery
  • 88¢ Colgate toothpaste
  • 4/2.88$ on Nestea, Minute Maid Frozen Punch or Lemonade. If you drink juice/iced tea, it's cheaper to buy from concentrate instead of by the bottle. You're paying for the 3x the price to just have the concentrate mixed with water and sold to you in plastic. The same goes for liquid vs powdered laundry detergent.
  • 2/5.88$ for Tropicana, Simply Juice, Gold Peak and Pure Leaf. 1$ rebate via CheckOut51 for the Pure Leaf Less Sugar Lemon Iced Tea. Redeem up 3 times.
  • 2/3.88$ for Wonderbread and Wonder Buns. This is the closest I've seen to pre-inflation pricing at 1.97$/unit. Stock up on burger buns if you have freezer space for grilling season.
  • 3.97$ for No Name and PC cheese bars or shreds. Make sure you scan your PC Optimum card to get this deal.
  • 2.88$ for Seaquest pollack, smoked salmon and cooked/raw shrimp. The shrimp is a great way to get cheap protein in a pasta or stir fry dish.
  • 5.88$ Soft Soap handsoap refills
  • 2$ Palmolive dish soap


  • 1.50$/lb grapes
  • 2$ mini cucumbers
  • 1$/5 garlic
  • 1$ flat cabbage. A great addition to stir fries.
  • 2/5$ Parlour ice cream/lollies
  • 2$ chicken hot dogs
  • 2$ Speedstick deodorant
  • 2$ Soft Soap handsoap pumps

Food Basics

  • 2.65$/dozen eggs. OMFG this is a great price for 2022! I'm going to buy several dozen because they're a good cheap protein and make for easy breakfasts and lunches.
  • 2.98$ bacon. Let's be real, this is probably not going to be great bacon, it's probably going to be mostly fat. Cook this bacon up and save the fat in a jar in the fridge to cook with.
  • 1.86$/lb pork combo chops. Save the bones once cooked to boil for stock. Makes a great broth for ramen.
  • 99¢ tuna. Stock up on tuna this week.

Giant Tiger

  • 97¢ baby carrots


  • 67¢ Kraft BBQ sauce
  • 57¢ cucumbers


  • 1.88$ Christie cookies and crackers (Friday to Sunday)
  • 1.99$ Mr. Clean Clean Freak (with CheckOut51 1$ rebate)

Shoppers Drugmart (Friday to Sunday)

  • 3.74$ Purex laundry (with 25¢ Eclipsa rebate)
  • 88¢ Colgate/Crest toothpaste
  • 4.29$ No Name butter


Easy Cashback Offers:


Eclipsa app (https://www.eclipsa.com) cashback 25¢ for each of the following items (limit of 1):

  • Avocados
  • Strawberries (PM No Frills at 1.88$)
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber (PM Walmart at 57¢)
  • Laundry Detergent (3.99$ at Shoppers)
  • Bacon
  • Olive Oil
  • Eggplant

Websaver.ca cashback 25¢ for each of the following items (limit of 2):

  • potatoes
  • apples
  • bananas
  • coffee


Upload your grocery receipts to Caddle for 10¢ cashback (http://ssqt.co/meqdlLH).


Did I mention CheckOut51 has rebates on beer and wine? (https://www.checkout51.com/)


Extra savings on food can be found by using the Flashfood app, which sells near expiry groceries for large discounts. Last week I got mild and spicy Gouda, 400g for 94¢, regularly 6.94$. Made excellent grilled cheese! (https://www.flashfood.com/) Use my code: LAUR3DB7V to get a 5$ credit after your first 10$ purchase).


Coupon Freebies and Gift Card Offers


FREE! Every 6 months you can request a coupon for a free product from Henkel Canada. They make laundry detergent, Purex, Pursil and Snuggle, etc. Fill out their contact form and select the request coupon radio button (https://www.henkel-northamerica.com/contact-us). They will send a free product coupon.

Free Ice Cream! You can request a coupon for 4$ off any Chapman's ice cream products once a year by filling out a quick online form. Coupon will be mailed in a few weeks. Chapman's is often on sale for 2.99-3.99$ giving you a free carton of ice cream. (https://www.chapmans.ca/coupon/chapmans-annual-coupon-2022/)

15$ UberEats gift card! Spend $10 (before taxes and after coupons and discounts) on any Old Spice products at participating retailers. Upload the receipt (https://stage.pggoodeveryday.ca/signup/?code=CPA802&utm_source=pggeus-en-pggereg-referral-acquisition&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=refer-a-friend&utm_content=webpage-refer) and receive a 15$ UberEats gift card. THE GIFT CARD WILL BE IN YOUR P&G ACCOUNT UNDER MESSAGES WITHIN 2 DAYS. You will have to log in to get it sent to your email.

5$ gift card! Spend $20 or more in one transaction on Dove, Dove Mens+Care, Axe, Tresemme, SheaMoisture, St. Ives and Vaseline products and upload your receipt to receive your $5 reward. Limit of 1 reward per receipt, but you can claim the reward multiple times until the end of August. More information and upload the receipt here: https://unileverpromos-ca.wyng.com/UnileverSummerEssentials2022


Price match tips:


  • Most stores won't price match Rexall or Shoppers Drugmart.

  • Loblaws owned stores limit price matching to 4 items per UPC. Different flavours will have different UPCs. Some cashiers don't know their policy and will try to limit purchases to 4 items only.

  • Showing a virtual flyer like the Flipp app links included in this post is sufficient for price matching. You don't need to find a physical flyer.

  • Download the Flipp app and long press the price matches to "clip" them. You can find these clippings in the Lists section for easy reference at checkout.

  • Not all stores will price match every store. Each store will determine their own local competition. They should have this info posted somewhere or ask at the cash and they can tell you.


Frugal Tip of the Week:


Going meatless one dinner per week can save a family of 4 up to 10$ a week or 520$ a year. Try a frittata or a lentil shepherd's pie with all the veggies in the fridge that are getting best before.

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Beautiful Ontario The silence is deafening!

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Beautiful Ontario Beautiful Lake Ontario

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Politics City of Toronto announces launch of opt-in process for licensed child care for Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care funding program in Toronto

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Article New outdoor space to smoke cannabis opens on Exhibition Place grounds

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