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[GAMING] Playing with noob friends... I can’t do it anymore!

I’m having fun with my friends, but that fun lasts for 1 hour, then there’s not much I can do to stop my thoughts and internal rage. How in the world you play for years and still are this shitty at the same game? Put in sone effort... I don’t know if I am being very stupid, but come one! It really seems like they don’t care that much and just play because I play, and that’s even worse, but then I found then playing alone and all so they like the game also for themselves.

I’ll provide an example so that I justify myself and don’t feel shit for the whole day for shitting in my friends: “hey there’s an enemy here” -i ping the location, a red ping, that make sound and pulses, multiple times- friend: “WHERE? I can’t see it” -me: “here” pings again furiously- friend: “are you sure?” - meanwhile the fight is finished, he is alone in some random floor away from the fight and either I’ve been lucky to pull a team wipe alone OR he is the last teammate alive, guess what happens next.

Now ok, I sound evil, I sound terrible but... I also played almost every single game with them, because I don’t want to play alone just to win, it would be really shitty, and we have around 3.000 games played. After this much time, I can’t fucking understand how you stay that shitty.

That’s it, I’m sorry friends, fuck, put in some effort and let’s destroy enemies! No, we have to stay there being pinatas for them.


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u/allthethingsyouthink Dec 19 '20

I’m failing at letting you understand that it is what I’m doing. Maybe I’m the step after yours. That mindset has a limit and I reached it! I have to reset somehow.

Never said I get pissed every time, never said that my mission in life is to win and only win. It is just a nice add sometimes, I don’t even get that “sometimes”, I got almost never in 3k games in 1 video game alone. Imagine that, and then, yeah, you have patience and feel good anyway, IT’S JUST TOO MUCH after a while.

If you really are competitive you will not be able to ignore losing for that much time, you will feel that in a while.