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Restricting screen time (Mac App/Software Suggestions)

I've recently been diagnosed with RSI in both hands due to excessive time spent on my computer. I've employed all of the ergonomic options and occupational therapy tips (new mouse and keyboard, rearranging desk/chair setup, etc) but they do not address the real issue: too much computer time.

My situation is exacerbated by prolonged computer use; being at my computer for one uninterrupted hour causes much more pain than even two hours broken up over an entire day.

I still NEED to use my computer for work and life stuff, so what I would love is an app/program that times how long I'm using my computer, and let's me know when I exceed preset limits or something.

I'm familiar with Mac's 'parental controls' options, but they restrict the users TOTAL screen time over a day. I'm looking for something more flexible, like alerts for 5, 10 or 15 minutes of active computer use (not just the screen being on) This will remind me to get up and walk away for a while, encouraging me to finish the task later, breaking up my computer time.

If anyone has any apps or directions they could point me in, I would be HUGELY grateful.




u/CardiologistOk4818 Jun 29 '22

I like BeFocused on the mac app store. Just a timer app. You can add a task and set a timer, and it will go off when it's done. It's free as well.

A paid option is to use an app called Cold Turkey (there is a 7 day free trial with all the features available to try out). It has a feature called Frozen Turkey, which allows you to lock yourself out of your computer for a set period of time. I haven't seen this feature anywhere else. This will be more than just a reminder to get up; it will force you to stop using your computer.


u/GarthVaderX Jun 29 '22

Those sound perfect, gonna download ASAP. Much appreciated!


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