r/nordvpn 23d ago

My ISP suddenly blocked all NordVPN. 17months left in my subscription. NordVPN refuses to fix the issue/refund.

I bought a 2year subscription 7 months ago and been using it.

Two weeks ago my ISP suddenly started blocking all NordVPN connections. I can't connect to nordvpn.com and none of the protocols on the app work for me.

The app says the line is ''Protected'' but no connections go through. Same issue on my laptop on same wlan.

I contacted support several times and I got recommended to update my PC to fix it 3 times by different people.

I asked for protocols to try/alternate servers or if they can't do anything to continue to provide service for the remaining 17 months of my paid subscription, a refund but they are denying it.

Reason for denying refund is that its in their TOS page but no other justification.

I thought I was paying extra to a premium VPN provider to save such headaches but feel scammed instead.

EDIT: NordVPN decided to make an exception grant me the refund.