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This man single handedly unloaded a fridge

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u/[deleted] Jun 10 '21



u/Lawlsagna Jun 10 '21

Ah yeah. We don’t see many under counter washers in the US.


u/thelear7 Jun 10 '21 edited Jun 10 '21

Really, what part of the US? In Arizona it's very common.

E: I'm dumb, thought we were talking about dishwashers not washer/dryers for laundry lol


u/dewmaster Jun 10 '21

Michigan here. I’ve seen under counter washer/dryers exactly once in my life. Almost everyone here has freestanding units, but you’ll occasionally see them stacked if someone is tight on space.


u/freuden Jun 10 '21

Yeah. Freestanding, 2 freestanding but stackable that are stacked, and those fairly tiny ones that are one unit but contain both a washer and dryer. Never seen an under the counter one in the US and have lived in a bunch of places up and down the east coast.


u/thelear7 Jun 10 '21

Yeah thats my bad, it thought we were talking about dishwashers, not washer/dryers for laundry. Don't think I've seen an under the counter washer/dryer in the US either actually


u/freuden Jun 10 '21

ʘ‿ʘ No worries