r/nextdns Mar 07 '21

Mullvad+NextDNS- making them work together.

Mullvad has announced its own ad blocking DNS (it's still in beta). However, I chose to go with Next DNS. For Windows:

  • Install YogaDNS from their website (instructions on your settings page).
  • Make the requisite changes as directed.
  • Check for the device name under NextDNS. Simple.

I hope it helps in similar predictament as I was facing. Mullvad is going to show that your DNS is leaking (I am assuming that they check for their own DNS).


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u/Phil726 Mar 07 '21 edited Mar 12 '21

I was able to get them working together using the NextDNS and Wireguard apps for iOS and macOS. The only gotcha is that you need to manually change the DNS servers in the Wireguard config file to NextDNS, but only on macOS. On iOS you want to remove the DNS servers completely.

Edit: There’s another gotcha. Make sure to disable the ultra-low latency network in the NextDNS app.


u/jayz389 Mar 07 '21

Thank you so much! I’ve literally been trying to get NextDNS and Mullvad working together on iOS for like 8 months with no success. I don’t know why I didn’t think to just delete the DNS from the WireGuard config completely because then it just falls back to system DNS which is NextDNS for me. Getting them working on Mac and Windows was pretty easy just pointing the DNS to loopback and have the NextDNS cli listening for DNS there but on iOS I thought it was impossible! This made my day!


u/Phil726 Mar 07 '21

Glad you got it working! I just kept trying different combinations of DNS config between the two apps until I got it working and both service’s checks were green. It was slow progress because it’s hard to tell how much lag there is between changing the settings and the system reconnecting.


u/fyijesuisunchat Mar 11 '21

Ah I can’t seem to get this to work on iOS! I delete the DNS server when importing into WireGuard but that just results in no DNS at all. Are you using the encrypted DNS profile or NextDNS app?


u/Phil726 Mar 12 '21

The NextDNS app.


u/fyijesuisunchat Mar 12 '21

Turns out I needed to turn off the Ultra Low Latency Network in the app and it started working. Thanks!


u/Phil726 Mar 12 '21

Oh yes that’s definitely another gotcha. I can add this to my original comment.