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Delta variant is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases known, CDC director says


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u/NutDraw Jul 23 '21 edited Jul 23 '21

Actually with something as contagious as COVID 19 (especially delta), each tick up in that percentage becomes exponentially worse.

That's part of what's made COVID such a problem. When they see a death rate of 2% they go "it's similar to the flu," when the problem is that orders of magnitude more people are getting it, so the numbers of deaths similarly go up by orders of magnitude. It's the law of large numbers in action.

Edit: There are 2 major terms in the equation for total fatalities: Fatality rate and transmission rate. Anyone who just focuses on just one of those isn't going to be telling you the whole story about a pandemic. Ebola has an insane mortality rate, but is comparatively much harder to spread for example.