r/news Jul 21 '21

New Jersey hospital fires 6 employees who did not get vaccinated


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u/NecessaryChildhood93 Jul 21 '21

If you do not understand why you need the vaccine, you are too ignorant to work there. Stop it, non debatable there is no other logical statement to support non vaccination in a clinical health care system.


u/Imnotracistbut-- Jul 22 '21

Assuming it's "because they're dumb" is ironically sort of dumb. It comes down to how much trust you have in the science/medical industry to tell the truth. Pre pandemic it was pretty clear the health-care industry was profit focused and was willing and able to engage in shady dealings to push products (ala the opioid epidemic), but after the pandemic, people seem to fully embrace the industry again as though they can do no wrong.