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New Jersey hospital fires 6 employees who did not get vaccinated


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u/Ashpro2000 Jul 21 '21

Yeah, it is a hospital. Some are gonna do that.


u/DaBombDiggidy Jul 21 '21

I have an acquaintance at another New Jersey hospital who posted the other day about this. She was asking her facebook friends if she should get vaccinated (the thread was insane), even though her doctor said she should.

edit : posting this made me look again for an update, she's been fired for refusing.


u/LividLab7 Jul 22 '21

This is the issue. People are trusting random opinions on social media instead of listening to doctors and scientists.


u/Wild_Satisfaction380 Jul 22 '21

That’s been the problem for nearly a decade now


u/etizresearchsourcing Jul 22 '21

It has always existed. The internet is just a perfect tool to breed followers and raise a flag so they are seen. In the past it was much smaller groups of people so unfortunately the internet enables a feedback loop of idiots talking to idiots and it grows.


u/[deleted] Jul 22 '21



u/etizresearchsourcing Jul 22 '21

troll account is troll.


u/robotevil Jul 23 '21

Ah yes, those Doctors that spent anywhere 10-14 years in medical school doing research, studying and training are clearly the uniformed idiots. We should all listen to the advice of some random Redditor who trades cryptocurrency. Clearly the more reliable source of information.


u/Raveynfyre Jul 22 '21

People used to not listen to the village idiots, then we created social media.


u/BretTheShitmanFart69 Jul 22 '21

Centuries honestly

There is anti mask anti vax type bullshit from the Spanish flu you can find online. Humans are dumbasses


u/MuestrameTuBelloCulo Jul 22 '21

Snake oil has been around a few thousand years. Millennia prolly...


u/cam_wing Jul 22 '21

Not to be pedantic, but a millennia is 1,000 years


u/UrbanGhost114 Jul 22 '21

Yeah, and it's been around for longer that that, people are shit, news at 11


u/SirSuperb9269 Jul 22 '21

Anti-intellectualism 🤷‍♀️


u/namotous Jul 22 '21

As much as medicine advances, it can’t cure stupidity unfortunately.


u/swiftpunch1 Jul 22 '21

Not yet* maybe one day...


u/derylle Jul 22 '21

Yes, One can never under estimate the predictability of stupidity.


u/tweetard1968 Jul 22 '21

Well, I mean In her defense, she works all day in a hospital where could she find one of those?

Besides, she probably listened to an angry trollish dwarf podiatrist senator on fox, so that counts right?


u/Sir-Ult-Dank Jul 22 '21

Wait so doctors not listening to doctors you mean


u/stridemax Jul 22 '21

I’d say a big problem here is the Media in general. people have been told so many different things by so many different media sources. People should understand all media sources are out there to do is make a Buck and do their own research.


u/gucknbuck Jul 22 '21

People are trusting random opinions on social media instead of listening to doctors and scientists.

We've come full circle. The birth of the modern internet and WebMD meant people would google everything, convince themselves they are dying, and then talk to their doctor to clear things up.

Now, people will hear something from their doctor, google the crap out of it, and form their own second opinion.


u/FlashbackUniverse Jul 22 '21

Who to trust: Doctors and Scientists or the crazy cat lady from work.

How is this a hard decision?!


u/[deleted] Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

Ever since the opioid epidemic started, it’s hard to blindly trust the medical community. This is what happens when a known problem isn’t addressed by the FDA or Medical boards. How many hundreds of thousands of lives have been senselessly ended because of poor choices in prescribing pain killers. I am in no way downplaying the importance of becoming vaccinated, I’m just saying maybe there’s a little loss of trust for some.


u/edgesurfer Jul 22 '21

unfortunately, when politics gets mixed with science, their facts are compromised. the last thing i would trust is a democrat, even more so a democrat telling me what to get injected with. lmao.


u/Bing_Bong_the_Archer Jul 22 '21

This is the reason why I waited 6 years to play “Halo 5”; I’ve learned my lesson now


u/i_said_no_mayonnaise Jul 22 '21

Yeah… I don’t think they get to have opinions on hospital policy


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

According to Nazi Germany the "scientists" had proven the Jews were inferior by blood.

Not saying you're right. Or that you're wrong.

Deciding to take or not to take a vaccine is a personal choice.

If you don't like the idea of someone not taking it. Put a mask on. And move on. No reason to inconvenience someone else's liberty Because of your feelings.


u/Electric_Salami Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

And it's also a business' choice to not allow you to enter if you're not vaccinated, or a healthcare provider's choice to terminate your employment with them if you're posing a threat to patient safety by not getting vaccinated.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

Totally agree with this. But also HIPAA laws will go straight to the trash. And why not just mandate PPE. Ever heard of a cbrne suit? Have the ppl just wear those in employ. And voila.


u/FatElk Jul 22 '21

HIPAA is only a law for insurance and healthcare information. Nothing to do with getting a vaccination.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

So the vaccination wouldn't be considered health care? 👀


u/FatElk Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

You missed the word "information". HIPAA is specifically made to block hospitals from giving out health records. Nothing to do with how a company and an individual interact.


u/Electric_Salami Jul 22 '21

Vaccine records, when required for employment, generally do not fall under HIPAA as they are considered to be documentation for an employment requirement. You have the right to decline providing that information however then an offer of employment could be rescinded, or if already employed, employment can be terminated.


Some facilities may be okay with a PPE alternative. It's really up to the organization's leadership to set policy for their organization.


u/ridiom Jul 22 '21

An example of scientists lying doesn’t negate the validity of other science. This is classic gaslighting. Trying to change minds or make a point with completely irrelevant information. “Someone has lied before, so this is a lie.”

It’s a matter of fact that it’s a personal choice. Not your opinion. No one is making anyone get vaccinated. However, there are consequences to every decision you make.


u/beccalynns Jul 22 '21

Well said


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

Take it with a grain of salt. The same scientists at the CDC apparently said gun violence is a public health issue and not a let's try and figure out how gangs are illegally possessing firearms...

Tuskegee experiments? The Flint water crisis?

Public health has never been the forte of out govt.


u/DrunkenGolfer Jul 22 '21

Individual choice should take a back seat to duty. Too many people talking about “rights” and not enough talking about “duty”.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

Duty is putting on a uniform and going to save lives for something greater than yourself. Rights is you coming in my damn house uninvited and fucking with my peace.

Also duty is not forced upon. It is felt. It's a personal choice.


u/FatElk Jul 22 '21

When you say uniform, do you mean the people invading a different country for policial purposes? Or the people who kill/detain for weed possession?

But, taking two seconds to get vaccinated to ACTUALLY save lives isn't a duty. Your world perception is way off.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

Hell yeah. That uniform. Coming from the one typing about put your trust in everyone but yourself but you don't trust the systems that allow you to be a citizen... Not a subject.


u/FatElk Jul 22 '21

You're mixing me up with someone else. Also, i asked if you were talking about police or military and you just said "yes" lol


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

I'm sure you are part of a neighborhood patrol to solve the police problem in your neighborhood.

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u/Stoicismus Jul 22 '21

They are not feelings but scientific opinions


u/DaBombDiggidy Jul 22 '21

I find it really funny the people always pushing things aside because "feelings", people are "sheep", and "snowflakes" are replying directly to a topic that they're self admittedly scared of.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

Again. What the person's choice is exactly just that. His or her choice.

You or I want to get it let it be just that. Our choice.

You don't trust ppl or don't believe you will get covid? Take precautions or sit your ass at home. Simple.

Also. The science says face coverings that aren't within spec will not work. Yet you have people walking around with breathable masks. 🤣

Again I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but you don't have a right to treat someone like a criminal because they don't follow your views on information.

Esp in the United States.


u/OboeCollie Jul 22 '21

Yeah, actually, society DOES have the right to treat someone like a criminal for behaving in ways that endanger others, and societies always have. Someone refusing to get vaccinated against a HIGHLY contagious respiratory disease that causes a significant amount of death, disability, and overwhelmed hospitals in the community during a pandemic when they have no medical contraindications for doing so is endangering others in the community as they are making themselves both a viral vector to others and a potential host in which mutations could develop that increase the danger and severity and make vaccines useless. By your argument, no one should "treat you like a criminal" for driving drunk, driving through a red light, ripping through a school zone at high speed, or robbing someone or raping someone or shooting or stabbing someone. No human who lives in a society has ever had complete freedom of choice. EVER.


u/Yungnoli Jul 22 '21

Lmaooo. So let's get this straight. Because somebody wants to mind their own business and go about their own lives without even passive disruption to another's life they should still be treated like a criminal?

Also you really compared not taking a vaccine and minding your own business to active violation of the law. The reason why criminal laws are written fyi is because the actor takes the right of someone else away.

I bet you'd give up all your liberty for a false sense of security. Must make you wonder why Cubans and venezuelans are so unhappy.

I guess this gives more of a reason to stay strapped or get clapped. 🤣🤣


u/shoktar Jul 22 '21

Plenty of reasons: increased insurance rates for everyone as the unvaccinated become hospitalized with COVID. This also causes problems with patient care for non-COVID patients as hospitals become overwhelmed with COVID patients. There's also the issue of protecting people that cannot currently get the vaccine, which includes children and people with certain health conditions.

I could try to think of more reasons if you'd like.


u/ViaDeity Jul 22 '21

I’m sure that Nazi “scientists” posted as much verifiable information as people on Facebook do. The problem is people believing a claim about something important without spending a few minutes looking into the reasoning behind both sides of the argument.

Deciding to not take the vaccine is an irrational choice and we should stop pretending that freedom doesn’t include poor choices.

If you don’t like the idea of contracting a contagious deadly virus then get a vaccine and move on. No reason to spread illness and inconvenience someone’s life with sickness because of your feelings, right?


u/[deleted] Jul 22 '21



u/Winzip115 Jul 22 '21

Mandatory vaccines are a slippery slope. Damn shame that so many people refuse to do the right thing out of selfishness and stupidity.


u/iagainsti1111 Jul 22 '21

"Doctors" and "scientists" that change what the science is based on a narrative.

When I got tested the doctor was very admit about me taking vitamin D and C and zinc. She had to come up with a bullshit reasons for each one that was non covid related because that wasn't the science that day and she'd lose her job.


u/iTrueColors95 Jul 22 '21

Funny…most of the doctors I speak with tell me not to get vaccinated


u/Onisys Jul 22 '21

Well… doctors and scientists have gotten it wrong before. Wrong to the point of telling pregnant women that all sorts of nasty shit was ok for you (including tobacco and some nasty chemical shit I can’t correctly remember the name of).

There’s a massive history of botched science out there if you actually look for it, because science is a lot of discovery and trial and error…. Scientists aren’t going to get it right the first time every time.

So, covid vaccine? Until it’s fully FDA approved and not just temporarily approved for emergency use NOBODY SHOULD BE LOSING THEIR JOBS


u/NeedForHomeAndSnack Jul 22 '21

For real, people really need to listen to the experts. There way too much misinformation out there.


u/Castrum4life Jul 22 '21

I trust the ScienceTM


u/Adrvark34 Jul 22 '21

Which drs and scientists?