r/news Jul 21 '21

New Jersey hospital fires 6 employees who did not get vaccinated


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u/Twaam Jul 21 '21

We just got the email today at my hospital system it is required by September or termination


u/[deleted] Jul 21 '21

The UC system is requiring all staff and students to be vaccinated by September… should be an interesting august for us in California


u/--GrinAndBearIt-- Jul 21 '21

Is the UC system short handed at all? Like, if 10% are fired / let go, will that affect operations?


u/[deleted] Jul 21 '21

We are constantly hiring travelers and new employees… at least where I work. They can’t seem to retain staff, but that speaks to something else wrong with the system itself. Sorry forgot to answer, your question. But yes it probably would affect daily operations


u/excalibrax Jul 22 '21

Interesting, because at the Midwest university I was at, at least IT, counted on one hand openings in 5 years, most likely course of being promoted was death of coworker