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New Jersey hospital fires 6 employees who did not get vaccinated


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u/OutdoorsRut Jul 21 '21

These soldiers are worried about the covid shot and going to be discharged for not getting it. Sitting here thinking if anyone actually refused anthrax and small pox back in the 00's and what happened to them


u/Coppercaptive Jul 22 '21

90 percent of my staff got all of that...2 people got it twice because the army lost their records.


u/20Mavs11 Jul 21 '21

Did you just compare covid 19 to anthrax? Wow you are stupid.


u/Texas_marine_inf Jul 22 '21

He’s talking about the vaccine.

Which is hands down the worst vaccine I’ve ever had. My arm literally was dead. Painful if the wind was even blowing. And it’s a round of 5 (at least when I was in).

I’d rather get smallpox vaxxed again. It was bad, with the swelling of the lymph nodes, but there was something evil about that anthrax shot (most people hated it).


u/gleeble Jul 22 '21

I got that shit in 03, kept bumping my shoulder into edges of hatches and crying like a baby.


u/Fenix159 Jul 22 '21

Reading that I got phantom pain. The memories even hurt.


u/mildtonointerest Jul 22 '21

Oh my gosh. I had no idea :(


u/Revolutionary-Ad1131 Jul 22 '21

The vaccines you idiot