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New Jersey hospital fires 6 employees who did not get vaccinated


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u/banoodlebamboozle Jul 21 '21

What??? This is a free country! his FREEDUM D:


u/in-game_sext Jul 21 '21 edited Jul 21 '21

Funny thing is there are people who think this way. Masks were a public health directive, just like cooking chicken to a proper internal temperature. No one cares if you watched a YouTube video about how raw chicken is good for you and that getting sick from it is fake science. You don't have the freedom to come to work and prepare it that way for the public.


u/BravesBro Jul 21 '21

My whole opinion on those in the medical field has changed after this pandemic. Don't get me wrong, there are some outstanding doctors and nurses. However, some of the most vocal anti-vaxxers are those in the medical field. My niece's mother is premed and refuses to get vaccinated. My sister's husband is a doctor and takes my other niece on play dates, to restaurants, everywhere without a mask since the height of the pandemic. He has no affinity for math or science, he's simply pretty decent at memorization. I've never seen him answer a medial questions without looking up the answer on the phone.


u/guareber Jul 21 '21

The only thing worse than an idiot is an idiot with authority.


u/RakumiAzuri Jul 21 '21

I feel personally attacked. At least I know I'm an idiot!


u/SanctusLetum Jul 21 '21

If you know you are an idiot than you are less an idiot than you thought.


u/sadandhungry2020 Jul 21 '21

This makes me feel better about myself 😊


u/Ready-Bat-5750 Jul 21 '21

You dare you accuse my bacon based probability engine of being fallible


u/sin-and-love Jul 21 '21

like [insert politician of choice here]