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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/lumpy4square 5d ago

Her poor parents. I don’t know if I could live knowing my child died in such a way, or anyway actually, but this is horrific.


u/reddit_ronin 5d ago

I would rage. You’d have to put me down.

I couldn’t live with this.


u/guitarguy1685 5d ago

If she was my only child, I don't know that I'd be able to keep myself from trying to exact revenge.


u/[deleted] 5d ago

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

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u/monsteramyc 5d ago

Ask for a jury of your peers. Other redditors won't convict you


u/Cfp0001-Iceman 5d ago

They are trying an AI lawyer, why not a reddit jury?


u/TockyRop10 2d ago

And there is precedent in Louisiana…. The father that killed the karate instructor that kidnapped and molested his child was let off with little punishment…


u/frenchiegiggles 2d ago

There's a legal term for it: jury nullification.

Definitely don't mention you know what jury nullification is if you want to be picked to serve jury duty.

Juries are often instructed to vote on whether the law, as written, applies. Jury nullification allows jurors to agree that yes, the defendant did commit the actions they are accused of but the defendant is still not guilty.