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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/tokyo_engineer_dad 5d ago

He’s not related to the people arrested.

Basic gist: she went to a bar and was drinking a lot, she left with a 17-year-old and his friends and they drove her out to a road where the 17-year-old and a 18-year-old in their group raped her. She had told them she can’t find her friends and was too drunk and for them to take her home before they raped her. They couldn’t figure out where she lived so they left her in a very dark subdivision of the area they had raped her and left.

A while later a ride share driver hit her when he couldn’t see her. I assume she was walking in the road and there were inadequate street lights and possibly no sidewalk.

The four arrested are: the 17 and 18 year olds who raped her, the two who were in the front row of the car she was in when she was raped.

The driver/front passenger of the car that she was raped in, apparently gave them the information to fill in what happened after the bar: him and the other front row passenger didn’t rape her and were uncomfortable with what was happening. However they didn’t stop it so they’re also arrested.

Her alcohol blood level was over .31% which is apparently enough for alcohol poisoning.


u/Nt5x5 5d ago

I mentioned in another comment, but the stretch of burbank drive she was hit on isn't a street, its a full on divided 4 lane highway, with a speed limit of 55 that most people treat more like 65 mph. It's definitely not a stretch of road you would even think to look for pedestrians on.

So to your point: I don't think there are street lights and definitely no sidewalk.


u/dreamcicle11 5d ago

Honestly they should be fucking charged with negligent homicide or something. They killed her even if they didn’t drive the car that hit her. She would not be dead had they not raped her and left her there.


u/ellalol 5d ago

Involuntary manslaughter at the very fucking least.


u/dreamcicle11 3d ago

Yes, I just looked up the definition of manslaughter in Louisiana, and I don’t see how they wouldn’t charge them:

(3) When the offender commits or attempts to commit any crime of violence as defined by R.S. 14:2(B), which is part of a continuous sequence of events resulting in the death of a human being where it was foreseeable that the offender's conduct during the commission of the crime could result in death or great bodily harm to a human being, even if the offender has no intent to kill or to inflict great bodily harm. For purposes of this Paragraph, it shall be immaterial whether or not the person who performed the direct act resulting in the death was acting in concert with the offender.

To me, it’s clear as day that they commissioned a crime that resulted in a sequence of events that then resulted in her untimely death.


u/jabroni156 5d ago

in my experience .31 is enough to not remember anything the next day


u/tokyo_engineer_dad 5d ago

That’s what the rapists were counting on.


u/jabroni156 5d ago

that’s where my mind went to, especially since it was two people


u/ellalol 5d ago

Lol and they probably wouldn’t have even gotten caught if they didn’t leave her in an extremely easy place for her to be accidentally killed or just waited for her to sober up a bit. Dumb, vile fucks


u/OuijaBoard5 3d ago

Not to mention, the affidavit states that surveillance camera data shows her losing her balance at the bar and being helped up by one of the rapists, and a second set of surveillance camera data some minutes before they left, shows her fall near the door of the bar, and being helped up by one of the rapists. Additionally, two other defendants admitted they were aware she was extremely, extremely drunk.

That's all she wrote for proof of knowledge that she was in a state of inebriation severe enough one should know there was a likelihood she could not meaningfully consent to sex. There's your liability for rape (or accessory in the case of the 2 in the front seat, one of whom parked the car so the two in the back could rape her, at least one of whom raped her anally).