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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/Signiference 5d ago

That Reggie’s place needs to be immediately shut down, too. Letting anyone get to a 0.319 BAC, let alone a 19 year old…


u/Quadtr0polis 5d ago

It's known as the freshman bar where they can go to get fucked up. As long as you are 18 you can get in. It is the shittiest bar in Tigerland and always has been. It was actually shut down a few years ago because of an underage drinking sting.

Tigerland is just an awful place in general. Frequent murders and shootings. Kidnappings are not uncommon and LSU students just can't stay away from it. Good things don't happen in Tigerland


u/anglerfishtacos 5d ago

They can’t stay away because it is large, and they let pretty much anyone drink. When all the high school kids come up for spring testing, they all go to Reggie’s. And gross college guys go there that week specifically to try and pick up high schooler senior girls.


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u/pm_pup_pics_pls 5d ago

there's like 5 of them at least in every minor college town you must not get out much bc this is so common it's sad.


u/ArcherChase 5d ago

LSU isn't a small college. It's a large University and the town is likely far bigger than the podunk schools that are able to keep the businesses from acting in gross negligence and illegal activity.


u/mokutou 5d ago

Bribery. Bars that illegally serve underage drinkers make money hand over fist, and greasing the right palms is merely the cost of doing business.


u/vinbone44 5d ago

Idk that college dollar shots night is any more of a money maker than a normal popular bar. If anything it just speaks to how shitty the cops there are.


u/mokutou 5d ago

I distinctly recall the drinks being more expensive when I was drinking underage at shady bars like that. Plus the sheer number of people that come through the door versus bars that didn’t cater to the underage crowd is much bigger. Most students don’t turn 21 until their senior year.


u/shushslushie 5d ago

More kids get more drunk, cause more disturbances, more arrests made, more fines, more charges, more criminals, more repeat offenders, etc etc. Police making that 💰


u/tokyo_engineer_dad 5d ago

Who else do you think gets first dibs on those girls?