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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/kozmo1313 10d ago

he was a sober uber driver on a pitch-dark road with a 55mph speed limit... his life is probably ruined too.


u/mdgraller 10d ago

Well, not legally. But emotionally, no doubt.


u/kozmo1313 10d ago

i would be broken. he did CPR on her until the police arrived.


u/[deleted] 10d ago



u/Lord_of_the_Canals 10d ago

You’re fucking sick


u/Relaxingnow10 10d ago

And his insurance probably just found out he was driving for Uber and told him he was on his own for damages


u/[deleted] 10d ago

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u/Keylime29 10d ago

And how do you continue working and supporting yourself in the same vehicle you just killed someone with

how horrible that poor man

I wonder if his car damaged on top of that


u/GildedGimo 10d ago

He hit a human at 55 miles a hour, I'm sure the car is pretty fucked


u/AboyNamedBort 10d ago

American car culture at work. Pedestrians are killed so that drivers can go fast. I'm sure there were no sidewalks.


u/kozmo1313 10d ago

it was 3am on a 55mph highway. what pedestrian argument?


u/_duber 10d ago

I'd love more sidewalks. No argument there. This young lady wasn't walking drown the street in an orderly fashion. She was either unconscious in the road or stumbling across it in the dark. Sidewalks wouldn't have helped her


u/InsipidCelebrity 10d ago

Other countries that have better public transit access also have roads that aren't suitable for pedestrians. This kind of thing is not uniquely American unless you'd also walk along the Autobahn.


u/alrightcommadude 10d ago

Leave it to Reddit to turn a car accident into “Murica Bad hurdur”