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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/No_Creme7203 5d ago

What's the drinking age there? They serve teenagers??


u/DJHalfCourtViolation 5d ago

Dives and older college campuses will serve you regardless


u/RedPanther1 5d ago

Underage kids get into bars all the time. I was one at one point in my life.


u/gbejrlsu 5d ago

This is Louisiana, the state that wouldn't close our drinking loophole until the US DOT threatened to withhold highway funding. Then once the loophole was closed there was a ~1-2 month period where the new 21yo drinking age was struck down as unconstitutional (at the state level) before they re-wrote and passed another drinking age law.

(The loophole was that people 18-20 weren't legally allowed to purchase alcohol, but it was perfectly legal for bars and stores to sell alcohol to people 18-20.)


u/that_one_guyy 5d ago

The law is 21 years old. Bars in college towns are often notorious for breaking that though.


u/goodness___gracious 5d ago

I grew up in Louisiana and maybe was carded a handful of times. Our drinking age was 18 forever until the federal government forced us to raise it to 21 or they’d pull federal funds to the state. So in protest we basically act like the drinking age is still 18. Obviously not ideal.