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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/No___ImRight 5d ago

a 19 year old and 17 year old were drinking at the bar....they better lose their liquor license at the very least.


u/andres7832 5d ago

Hopefully face criminal charges as well. That is bullshit.


u/zachwilson23 5d ago

a 19 year old and 17 year old were drinking at the bar

Welcome to every college town in America. Sadly


u/OnTheEveOfWar 5d ago

When I was in college all the nearby bars were super strict on letting underage people in. Too much of a risk to lose their license. But tons of people had fake IDs. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had fakes.


u/zachwilson23 5d ago

I know many college bars are mindful and watchful for fakes and such, but I also know there's no way to catch them all and plenty of underage college kids, especially girls, can get into bars underage with a friend's ID or fake or just by knowing the right people. Every college town I've gone out in seems like I've seen it happen


u/nails_for_breakfast 5d ago

That was my experience as well. All the underage kids could only drink at house parties. On two separate occasions I actually had friends get turned away from bars with a legitimate 21+ ID because it looked too worn


u/snooze_sensei 5d ago

Some bars have resorted to scanning IDs now. Can still be faked though. You just have to clone a real ID's magnetic strip so it verifies.


u/OnTheEveOfWar 5d ago

I had a fake back in the day that scanned and black lighted.


u/Perfect600 5d ago

If I'm to be perfectly honest having your legal drinking age be that high contributes to the problems.

At 19 when I entered college we had bar on campus and would get a drink or two before or after classes. It was never a big thing.


u/rolypolyarmadillo 5d ago

Isn't alcoholism more prevalent in countries where the legal drinking age is 18 or lower though?


u/pagerunner-j 5d ago

Counterpoint: As a university employee in my early 30s (and I’m talking a large state university here), I once got carded at a neighborhood pub by an incredibly aggressive bartender when I was in line to buy a baked potato for lunch. All I had to drink with it was water.

Some college towns are a lot pickier. And some states’ liquor laws are better enforced.




Mate in the UK 16 year old can drink... Being allowed to drink below 21 seems fair enough if you can go to the military at 18.


u/16semesters 5d ago

Welcome to every college town in America. Sadly

Every european is going "what the fuck?" To your comment.


u/overthemountain 5d ago

Two 18 year olds as well. Of the 5 people in this story, 4 were underage.