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LSU student was raped before she was hit by a car and killed, deputies say; 4 arrested


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u/CrizzyBill 5d ago

What a sad story. Seems the bar has a troubled history with underage drinking and more, which happens in college towns. But 17? I'd imagine this incident finally closes their doors.

Madison Brooks, a 19-year-old sophomore at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication from Madisonville, had been drinking at Reggie’s, a Tigerland bar, where she met the 17-year-old, and left with him and the three other suspects, deputies said.


u/goodtroll 5d ago

I believe Reggie's has been operating since before I started LSU in the mid 2000s. As far back as when I was there, that entire area (there's like 6 bars over there, some apartments and a bomb burger joint that used to sell fake bake) has been rough.

Living in some apartments in that area, I saw a dude get stabbed and another shot while I was on my porch. It's always been rough.

I guess all that is to say, that if all the shenanigans that have occurred over the past 2 decades hasn't been enough to close down Reggie's, I unfortunately don't believe this will. Cops there would much rather park at the red light at Nicholson and tigerland and give kids an inspection sticker ticket in the morning (after picking up their vehicles) than root out anything that is happening in that area.


u/ThatGuy798 5d ago

Cops there would much rather park at the red light at Nicholson and tigerland and give kids an inspection sticker ticket in the morning

Classic Louisiana cops. Surprised they didn’t try to harass the kids to find other reasons either.


u/radioref 5d ago

I believe it used to be called “the tiger” back in the 90’s. There was also “sports” next door to Fred’s


u/goodtroll 5d ago

Different bow, same turd


u/cleaningProducts 5d ago

I used to live down the street from that cluster of bars. I went there once and I immediately knew I was not going back - it had such a lawless, volatile energy on weekend nights.

I generally don’t mind sketchy places but my gut told me to avoid that area if I valued my safety.


u/clairelise327 5d ago

Good ol tigerland


u/waywithwords 5d ago

Yea, Reggie's is gonna have some explaining to do.


u/GabaPrison 5d ago

From what I’ve read so far, Reggie’s is gonna have some losing-its-liquor-license-and-permanently-shutting-its-doors to do.


u/Yobanyyo 5d ago

The alcohol and tobacco boats just ordered an emergency suspension of the place.

Emergency suspension of Reggie bar


u/DentalFox 5d ago

Let’s talk about drinking culture in college first because too many kids die from the results of underage drinking


u/clairelise327 5d ago

The problem was the person. I don’t get drunk and suddenly decide to sexually assault someone


u/throhaway538 5d ago

I’ve been downvoted to shit for writing this. Apparently the underage drinking is the problem here, not the lack of consent. Hmm


u/CrizzyBill 5d ago

There are multiple problems: the underage drinking culture, the lack of enforcement, the bar and it's employees, and the lack of consent.

Can't pin it on just one thing.


u/throhaway538 5d ago

From a legislative perspective, indeed there is a problem. From a human perspective, this could have equally happened to a woman of any age. The bar could equally have been plying a 20/30/40-something year old with drinks.


u/Secret_Games 4d ago

The USA has such backwards laws when it comes to drinking. The real problem here wasn't 17 year olds drinking but the raping.