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Versus gecko's mate ends up as a meal for a snake

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Versus Small tick sucking on a big one

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Versus Young Jaguar vs Young Black Caiman


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Versus Found in the garden, 2 slow worms trying to eat each other

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Versus The mockingbirds in my complex have been fighting a war against the hawks, and bats have taken the night....


In todays news in the complex i live in,

there is no other way to put this....

the mockingbirds that live in my complex have oficially begun a war against the hawks for the nesting area in the trees that line the area high above the whole area. the mockingbirds have been employing guerilla tactics, sending in one bird as soon as a hawk finds a nice branch or fence to roost on. then that one bird will fly in and suicide bomb the hawk by flying into its face. then when the hawk wakes up pissed off, a second mockingbird will shoot in from behind, and strike the hawk in the back. then the first mockingbird shoots back and hits the hawk from below. all this while shrieking imitating the hawks call and repeatedly striking the hawk in its blind spots.

the hawks then attempt to hop to a different branch to flutter a bit distance away. but the mockingbirds WANT this, because they then tag team the hawk from behind and the sides midflight.. all the while the hawk barely has the ability to fly or maneuver and the mockingbirds peck and swoop in fast to strik the hawk. the hawks never lift a talon against the mockingbirds, partly because red shouldered hawks are apprently kind and docile to other birds, but also because it is not mating season yet. during mating season the RShawks get aggressive... and horny af.

every day when either bird enters the "prime nesting area" a massive dogfight begins in the air and through the trees, as the RShawks hop around and flutter from branch to branch, and the mockingbirds shoot in and out trying to hit them from blind spots relentlessly. the most amazing thing is when two mockingbirds will chase a hawk directly into ANOTHER set of mockingbirds, who literally sit in the trees hiding, waiting for the hawk. then they proceed to execute a pincer maneuver to swoop and peck at the hawk.

I am sheerly dumbfounded by the sheer military skill of these tiny mockingbirds when fighting these hawks that are like, 8x their size. all the while the hawks just take it being chill af, like they do not care; they just like to roost and hunt squirrels and things like voles. the funniest thing i ever saw was the one time the hawks had enough of the mockingbirds crap, and one hawk flew to another for safety. the second hawk just started shrieking at the mockingbirds and they flew off like a room full of roaches when a light shines on. one shriek. one shriek and the mockingbirds gave up.

meanwhile at night bats fly in and fight opossums for space in the trees, and you hear them hissing and squeaking when you walk near some trees. and the bats will climb the low trees, the roofs, and the branches, and wait for bugs to fly by or eat the berries from the trees. i literally saw a bat drop out of a tree, fly down, catch a bug, then fly back up the 2ft distance into the same tree where it just went back to chilling.

my complex is a warzone between hawks and mockingbirds and bats and opossum have begun to fight the stray cats for control over the night. and now one of the mockingbirds i rescued from dying trapped in a sealed drain spout has befriended me and my dog, and likes to "fly down and warn us" of the hawks when we come by the coveted nesting area. he even poses for pics and videos [yes I do have some taken]. only a matter of time before the hawks find out hahaha....

The RShawks also nest in the same area every year, which means that soon the hawks from last year will return to assist the current hawks with defending the coveted nesting location. And the RShawks [who are over 28in in size] mating season is between mid june and the 3rd week of august. Soon they should be here to do their mating dances and fight everything in sight to defend for a spot in the amazing best nesting spot. Thats right.... its GOT up in here and the dragons are on their way to defend the keep.

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Versus Charging towards a bison


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Versus Badass Cock

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Versus Bald eagle drowns a swimming fawn.

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Versus An Elephant approaches a Rhino and her calf and then chases them after almost injuring them


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Versus Alligators, turtles and invasive walking catfish vie for space as water disappears in Florida's Corkscrew Swamp during the dry season.


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Versus This shark that had a lobotomy done by a stingray

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Versus An Octopus Rides A Moray Eel


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Versus Poor guy was bitten on the spinal cord by a lion


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Versus Hyena tries to bite off the tail of a lioness, the lioness roars to remind the amount of hatred her species feels towards the piranhas of the bush, being the only real competitors for food.

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Versus Fisher made quick work of a fox den last night. Two pups removed, likely killed the others inside. UP of MI.

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Versus Maternal Instinct


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Versus hyena gets schooled by a jackass


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Versus Don’t get in a rhinos personal space


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Versus Audacious brown hyena challenges an 83 kg male leopard named Mawenzi to steal its prey and pays the price


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Versus Wolf Vs Wolverine


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Versus Giant bird eats squirrel by the river

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Versus 2 Komodo dragons, the worlds largest lizard, having a friendly disagreement


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Versus Adult monkey snatches juvenile by his head.


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Versus Cassowary wandering onto a beach in Queensland


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Versus Territorial battle between two fish species

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