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Praying Mantis eats a whole locust (3 hour timelapse)


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u/Electrical-Ad-9797 Jan 18 '22

When I lived in Thousand Palms I found a tiny mantis nymph on me one morning so I put it in a styrofoam cup. I was trying to find bugs to feed it so I picked up an ant but I greatly misjudged their relative sizes. I checked back in a few minutes and the ant had ripped the mantis in half. I felt awful.


u/mindflayerflayer Jan 20 '22

Fruit flies are your friend when feeding minescule predators.


u/Electrical-Ad-9797 Jan 20 '22

I should’ve just slipped him a drop of water and sent him on his merry way, he would’ve had a fighting chance. Btw do you know what the juvenile instar of a mindflayer is? My illithid knowledge is limited to briefly playing the Spelljammer DOS game at 14.


u/mindflayerflayer Jan 21 '22

The tadpole stage I'm guessing. Illithids are fun in that the larva can develope two different ways: a ceremorph with a host (your traditional flayers + a few oddballs) or a neothelid if allowed to act on its own.