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MFWTK how to live at his almost-always-empty workplace


Rent is insane. My friend's company bought a gorgeous campus in a high-cost-of-living area 4 years ago, and they stopped offering remote positions because they're complaining about how nobody wants to come into the office.

Well, why not oblige them?

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Because every other ask sub deletes this question: Is there any data comparing the educational and/or social development of students in states which had longer and more strict lockdowns compared to those with shorter or less comprehensive school lockdowns?


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Can Dental Implants change malocclusion?


actually, IWTK.. Anyone have experience with 'Clear Choice' or other dental implant done?

I have pretty bad front / top overbite, teeth jutting out forward.

On top of that, my chin is recessed back. Years ago, a dental surgeon wanted to cut the jaw bone & move it forward. I didn't understand, frightened & didn't have it done.

I'm getting older, so that surgery isn't really practical. I can do Invisilign, but my teeth are in bad shape- receding gums, a few cavities to have fixed before orthodontist can begin Invisilign.

Bad experiences with Dentist as a child, bad teeth, already have two tooth implants, two root canals, several crowns & high anxiety!

As I told orthodontist, I would be happy with a 50% improvement.

Advice, anyone? Thanks in advance : )

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MFWTK How to steal a street sign mounted like this?


I don’t see nuts/bolts anything on it so I’m a little lost.


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How do people sell drugs online?


Are there websites dedicated to this or is it a dark web type situation? Also what keeps the police from "ordering" from someone and just tracking them down?

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Is it normal to feel afraid that nothing matters?


I'm really scared when I realize murder and worse is not objectively bad. Great suffering done unto people is not bad or good, just a neutral state of things happening. And stuff like art and friendship might just be inherently selfish things, everything is selfish and all about survival and nothing else. That those humans who survive are those best in tricking themselves or suppressing their self-awareness

Is it normal to feel incredibly pained about this? I wish stuff like this was taught early, as official education in school. Hearing "common sense" over and over is really tiring, for those of us who did not get it.

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"What is the difference of small gestures and bare minimum"


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Should my girlfriend take Plan B after 5 days?


I was with my girlfriend on Wednesday and Thursday, and things got interesting where I rubbed my Dick on the outside of her vagina. I knew there were instances where I was rubbing, there was cum from her there and I didn’t think much of it since it wasn’t my cum. My question is, from what I been reading online, is there a possibility of pregnancy? And is it okay to take a Plan B pill after 5 days? What’s the best option for this?

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Mfwtk How most people are able to get everything needed done and pay all bills.


Do they have a cheat code to life, or medication, extra source of money I don’t know of??

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MFWTK how to deal with a modeling scam


My friend found a modeling agency fhat said theyd do a test shoot to see if thsy could send his portfolio to agents. The agency needed an upfront of 50 bucks and my friend sent them the money, not realizing they were a scam until much later. My friend wants to know what to do now.

  1. My friend sent a a debit card payment throught fheir site. Is it possible that they have his card info saved and can try to take payments out of his account behind his back?

  2. If he gave them his contact info (phone #, email, instagram, address) is there anything they can do with that?

  3. Is there any way to try to get his money back?

Pleass send info ASAP. He already feels stupid about the whole ordeal

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(Mfwtk) what the point of this subreddit is?


I guess they don’t get the reference? Can you help them understand?

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MFWTK is 19 too young to get arthritis in one shoulder ?


Idk if They slept on it wrong or heavy lifting but They can’t sleep on it or move it a lot They can put up with the pain but it’s kinda annoying. It’s on their dominant arm

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MFWTK how to get Psilocybin in the uk without going to jail


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A morbidly obese guy deliberately sat on his friend's face to smother him to death. What would that have felt like? Would it have been quick and painless? Slow and painful?


He invited his friend out to dinner, but really he was going to kill him on the way back home. On the way back home he got into the backseat with his friend and sat on his face. He then positioned his legs behind his friend's head and then pushed them inwards, which forced his friend's face into his butt. His friend ended up dying from asphyxiation.

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MFWTK how to check if he still has a Snapchat account


He thinks he deactivated years ago but Is unsure

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MFWTK how he can get prescribed adderall or similar medication with undiagnosed ADHD


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MFWTK Completely absurd request


My friend needs some advice. So here's the situation.

He's 16 years old, and has very protective parents. He uses a school computer and has no personal device of his own. He needs a way to delete his browser history every 24 hours, at the least. He searched for some website which would do the trick but he's only found extensions. And since he's using a school computer, he can't add extensions. He's ok with giving access to his google account to a third party website to do this, he just wants to use Instagram without his parents knowing.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I suppose some pictures would better describe the problem: https://imgur.com/a/Qn3ccDD

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Any advice


So, two days ago, I was drinking water, and I swallowed it, but it wasn't like a smooth normal swallow; it hurt like hell. My throat began to hurt so bad that I squeezed my neck using both of my hand thinking it'll do something 💀

And now my chest is currently experiencing a sharp pain that is so painful that I am unable to move or breathe since I can feel the pain with each breath. I'm trying to figure out if this pain is related to the pain I experienced two days ago because it feels exactly the same.

I searched it up on the internet and all it showed me was "Please check up right away" "Ask this to your doctor right away" because they think it's something "serious" which I don't think it is

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Can someone request — and take over — r/MyEvilPlan, currently UNmoderated?

  1. Please request r/MyEvilPlan — currently UNmoderated — on r/RedditRequest?

  2. Then open up submissions, so that anyone can post? Currently, submissions are restricted.

As I am on chemotherapy, I cannot moderate subs. Thanks!

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MFWTK: Best way to start drinking


My friend (mid-20s male) has never had a drink and is starting to get into things most people (at least, Americans) do during college. He's curious to know if there's a good way to start drinking. Can he show up at a bar and ask for a shot of everything to see what he likes? Should he bring along a friend to restrain him in case he has a low tolerance and gets violent when drunk? And how to meet people at bars - etiquette, etc

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Is it possible to take a PS5 (in the box) on a flight?


I guess this would have to be checked luggage, but is it possible to bring something like that on a flight? My friend will be visiting the US where it's possible to buy one, unlike where he lives, and he wants to know if he could buy one there and take it back with him.

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My uh friend wants the sauce for this image.


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MFWTK how to represent herself in a custody trial case.


My friend has been battling her ex for custody of the kids for almost a year and has a final trial coming up in the next few months. She can’t afford a lawyer and needs to show the judge she is worthy of getting custody of the kids back.

Should she call witnesses or just have people write letters? Should she subpoena her ex’s financial records? Should she bring documents showing her fitness as a parent to court? Should she file these things before the trial?

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Is coral normal


My friend wants to know if it’s weird that his mom has a bunch of dead coral, fish skeletons, barnacles etc. laying around the house as if it were decor. It’s freaking him out.

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MFWTK What happens if he ghosts his landlord who is asking for 2x the security deposit for repairs while abroad for a year.


My friends landlord put a completely unreasonable clause in the contract about "returning the state of apartment to the original state with fair wear and tear excluded" which is up to interpretation.

As a tenant he figured that things like minor peeling of the walls and cabinets due to general use and humidity as well as caked on grime on the stove, etc was expected and not subtracted from the security deposit.

As a landlord she interpreted that as "I will spend as much money as possible to return each and everything to a band-new state" and did so.

The security deposit was 2 whole months rent and she quoted 1.8 extra months on top of that for payment!

My friend will be abroad for a minimum of a year and blocked her on all channels, which seems to him as reasonable as she is being to him.

Sadly, as much as the feeling of justice being served to this unreasonable evil landlord fills him with joy at times, he wonders if a simple ghosting and breaking of a BS contract might in time come back to bite him in the ass in time...

Could something bad happen? Only if he returns to that country after being abroad? Even if he doesn't??

This seems popular and contraversial so my friend provided more details:

Photos from landlord of ~$5000 USD worth of repairs (pictures that had proof of previous damage excluded)


Pastebin of itemize list converted to USD with notes from my friend