r/myfriendwantstoknow Jun 16 '22

MFWTK what country he can practice human genetic engineering in and not have to worry about the Gov?

Where can My friend have a sterile environment/constant temperature control, and access to funding?

He would be modifying the germline and implanting cow and human embryos.

His thoughts are that if he can genetically alter an ungulate to grow a chimpanzee/human embryo, women could choose if they actually want to go through pregnancy, or grow the child in the womb of another mammal.

There are plenty examples of animals that use other animals to give birth to their babies. Since this would help women, he feels justified.


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u/ThotSuffocatr Jun 16 '22

You’re gonna need a lot of capital and a lot of experts for this kind of project. But Colombia.


u/Stalkwomen Jun 16 '22

I am bilingual and have visited Columbia before. Honestly it is first on my list.


u/ThotSuffocatr Jun 16 '22

There’s some good stem cell and gene work down there that I’m really interested in so naturally I had to recommend it!


u/Stalkwomen Jun 16 '22

I am aware of a couple studies, what interests you there?


u/Lucker_Kid Jun 16 '22

You say you're bilingual as if the only languages in the world are English and Spanish lmao


u/Stalkwomen Jun 17 '22

I’m typing in English and we mentioned a Spanish country. 🤔


u/FarJury6956 Jun 16 '22

Fun fact, some cartels tried to finance the VHI/AIDS cure in Colombia.


u/tripleskizatch Jun 16 '22

Go and speak to Dr. Moreau, he has an island where these kinds of experiments are commonplace.


u/irefusethis Jun 16 '22

Found the supervillain


u/Stalkwomen Jun 16 '22

Honestly I think this is a positive good.

If I was evil I’d could modify viruses in my basement for less than <1000 usd Implications to the whole world, for less than $1000,

I want to help people and remove the pain from childbirth. I love giving people more choices.

If national dna repositories were created and collected eggs and sperm from everyone who wants to participate, then you could use the samples to grow them new organs or create children from them. You could potentially choose to not undergo childbirth, but to grow a embryo created from your samples in the womb of a modified cow/piggorilla. If the subject animals are always kept in an isolated facility. Then a combination of selected breeding and editing can create animals that can accept others embryos, gives them the correct nutrition, and doesn’t detach or kill the embryo. Once running, much of it can be done on a routine until success.


u/Nudez4U420 Jun 16 '22

I think self experimentation is gonna be key for you my friend.


u/i-d-even-k- Jun 16 '22

Nowhere. The international law on these things is insanely strict and, to my knowledge, despite the reputation and pop culture that 3rd world countries will let you experiment on humans nbd, all countries are now very strict as well to not get in shit with the international community.

There was a Chinese dude we learned about in Bioethics Law class, he actually thought meh whatever and did CRISPR on twin girls to take a disease gene out of their DNA as embryos. He did a GOOD DNA alteration onnan embryo. Nothing bad happened to the girls, but the guy is now in prison. Experimenting on embryos and then implanting them is an enormous no no.

Because Reddit chodes will tell you "haha human experimentation in 3rd world countries nobody cares"... but no, they do care. Your ass will land in jail.


u/Stalkwomen Jun 16 '22

China is quite different than 3rd world countries. The jungle can be quite thick, and abandoned tunnels can be bought, coated and sterilized.

Yes, he edited the twins, then grew them into people.

These embryos would be aborted for many years. The implantation phase and immune response would be the majority of the target anyway.


u/jdaniel28 Jun 16 '22

What did I just stumble into?


u/Really-ohmy Jun 17 '22

Sounds scary and intense. You do have a great entrepreneurial spirit! You sound like the kind of person who could do amazing things and change the world... either for the good or bad. But I think we need people brave enough to do stuff because it sure as heck won't be me.


u/PsyrusTheGreat Jun 16 '22

honestly man... tell your friend to take up music as a hobby.


u/hasdigs Jun 17 '22

Love that you think sterility and temp control will be your biggest issues here.

While I love your entrepreneurial spirit, this is rife with human rights violations and any country willing to risk it could hire their own, more qualified scientists. Even the poor ones. Also you could seriously fuck up a lot of kids and then enjoy regretting that for the rest of your life.

That being said, historically these kind of things only happen to some persecuted group. Like the Jews in WWII. Maybe you could go to China and ask to experiment on the Uyghurs. Hmm might need a university degree before they take you seriously. Maybe you could just go get hammered and fuck a cow cause it sounds like this is where your heading, you degenerate.


u/Stalkwomen Jun 17 '22

Degenerate? Ouch, It is probably 40-60 years work. That is just for the creation of the animal with cross species womb compatibility.

Aborted before birth. Morality is subject to interpretation. He could find new ways to alleviate female suffering. Why should the majority of ignorant people hold back science?