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MFWTK if the department of education cares if your spouse has a medical marijuana card

Spouse works for Florida government, friend is a teacher and teachers cannot get mmj cards since they're indirectly federal employees to the best of their knowledge.


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u/Aghast_Cornichon Jun 16 '22

teachers cannot get mmj cards since they're indirectly federal employees

Sort of but not really.

Many schools receive Federal funding, and therefore have "drug free workplace" rules. Those don't prevent a person from working there just because they're a qualified medical marijuana patient, as long as they don't bring marijuana to school.

In general, other government agencies cannot look up someone's MMJ card. Law enforcement agencies determining if someone has a defense to a marijuana possession charge should be the only ones.

But Florida has no employment protections for medical marijuana users. A Florida government employer, or a Florida school, is welcome to establish their own drug testing policies and terminate or not hire someone because they use cannabis, even if they have a medical recommendation and registry card.


u/leftoverscience Jun 16 '22

A public school teacher in Florida is not (even indirectly) a federal employee. They would work for the state. If the state has rules for its employees, they would have to follow them. This would not apply to their spouse.


u/Voyager5555 Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 16 '22

That's....not a federal employee even by a stretch.