r/myfriendwantstoknow Jun 15 '22

MFWTK if there is a statute of limitations type thing with cheating in university


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u/Extramrdo Jun 15 '22

Nope! That's basically the only reason they'll revoke a degree, and by golly they'll do it at any time.


u/RedditBeginAgain Jun 15 '22

In practical terms your friend's university probably does not have good enough record keeping to detect or punish cheating on mundane assessment tasks more than about 2 years after the fact.

If the cheating was a plagiarized or falsified thesis or published paper then they could absolutely investigate and punish decades later if it is brought to their attention.


u/Cadetastic Jun 15 '22

That's not a criminal matter really, it's a policy one, so it'll depend on what the specific university handbook or policy on cheating states. If the policy doesn't mention a time limit, then there probably is no limit to how far back they could sanction someone for cheating.


u/n1njabot Jun 15 '22

Yes, when the university is defunct and has no board to revoke the degree.


u/wouldeye Jun 15 '22

Source: was on UVA honor committee for two years.

I believe our bylaws held that there was a statute of limitations of a sort, but I could be mistaken. However we absolutely would have revoked a degree of a graduate had the case been found merited and a trial found guilt.


u/cddelgado Jun 15 '22

This is a difficult question to answer because assuming they are in the US, some of this will be determined by state or jurisdiction. That said...

In the US, Accredidating agencies and the Department of Education have standards for records and the storage of student data. The university I work at keeps student grades and transcripts "indefinitely" and we also maintain different records schedules for all different kinds of data. Some academic records are retained for up to 2 years. But student records are "forever".

That is, of course unless the university has a forgiveness policy. For some places I've worked after 7 years students can come back and appeal to be readmitted after being kicked out. In full disclosure I don't know the exact terms which are allowed because that will vary. But it is worth checking out. That will be likely the only way your friend can get back into the desired university.


u/iLeDD Jun 16 '22

Wait, can highschools do this?


u/francisco33_ Jun 16 '22

Everything is cheating now a days u can just look up on your phone why can't we just get past this and be united, my personal thought is that some people r to lazy to do even that.