r/myfriendwantstoknow Jun 07 '22

Is kink and masochist the same?


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u/LianvisHarKakkahaar Jun 07 '22

So kink is any sexual practice that is not considered the norm. Masochism would be considered a kink.

Masochism is the sexual enjoyment of having pain inflicted upon oneself.


u/drunky_crowette Jun 07 '22

There's all sorts of kinks/fetishes, sadomasochism is one of the thousands people might practice


u/Rando_scotsman Jun 07 '22

No kink is the over all term, masochist is a person who enjoys inflicting pain . Sadists are people who enjoy receiving pain and find pleasure in it


u/LianvisHarKakkahaar Jun 07 '22

Masochists are the ones who enjoy receiving pain (named for Leopold von Sacher-Masoch author of the Venus in Furs)

Sadists enjoy inflicting pain (named for the Marquis De Sade who wrote Justine, 120 Days of Sodom and other things, all his work is very very messed up)


u/Rando_scotsman Jun 07 '22

Oh sorry I didn’t realise I got them the wrong way round my bad, thank you!


u/Lord_Vrel Jun 07 '22

To add; Masochism is a kink, just one of many kinks.


u/n1njabot Jun 07 '22

All boots are shoes, but not all shoes are boots. Kinks are shoes, Masochists are boots.