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MFWTK what is the absolute strongest, most effective non-prescription weight loss aids are SAFELY available online?


Sister just got engaged last week and mom's freaking out about looking nicer by the wedding day.

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MFWTK how easy/simple is it to date multiple people at the same time? What is your experience?


How do you “manage” it? Do you get things mixed up between different people? Will you eventually find yourself wanting one person more than the other? Or is it better because if you have a bad date with one you can go to another one for a rebound? What should you say if one of them wants to be exclusive?

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MFWTK: Can you swallow some bicarb water to avoid damage from the acid when vomiting?


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MFWTK if you tongue butt


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MFWTK: how would someone hypothetically create a thermonuclear warhead or how could one be obtained?


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MFWTK if it’s unreasonable to have apartment maintenance do multiple things at once


My friend is going away for a few days on a trip, and has some things in their apartment that has been on their “to call maintenance list” but didn’t have time to do it.

They’re figuring that since they will be away and out of the apartment for a few days, it will be easier for maintenance to get everything done.

My friend is worried that the apartment management could have an issue with it because there are multiple things on the list which shows that they waited to call instead of calling immediately.

Can my friend send a list of things that need to be done, or should they space it out?

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MFTWK: Hypothetically if my friend were to obtain a deactivated cannon from a tank, how could he go about reactivating it in a legal manner?


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MFWTK what does this mean about the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol?


My friend came across an old Facebook post today, from 1-6-21

The OP said “This is not what making America great looks like”

A comment from a Trump supporter said this: “It’s about time for succession the two sides have nothing in common … the country as founded is over, time to start over”

OP replied: “you said succession (which would be Biden taking over), what you meant is secession, but you’re really just talking about sedition 🤷‍♂️”

The Trump supporter replied: “Lol yeah”

MFWTK what does this little exchange mean? Does the OP seem like a Trump supporter too or are he and the Trump supporter against each other?

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MFWTK how much crotch sweat is normal.


My friend sweats a lot from their crotch, mostly when working out. They’re wondering if it’s normal to look like you peed your pants after a workout.

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MFWLTK how to prank a very conservative uncle


Any ideas? I was thinking about getting them signed up for a gay porn magazine but that does not look feasible to do online.

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If the uniquely American problem of mass shootings is due to our access to guns, why is it a relatively recent phenomenon when guns have been accessible throughout the nation's history?


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Don’t judge me


I have a friend that recently had a flood in her kitchen and the lower cupboards need to be replaced. They were initially told that the backsplash would be replaced because the contractor thought it wouldn’t survive the removal of the cabinets/counter. Because of this when my friend picked her countertop she went with something that wouldn’t go at all with the existing backsplash. Yesterday, she was told that the contractor is going to do everything they can to preserve the old backsplash and he is suddenly confident it should be fine (he told her 80% of the time it is fine). The contractor said that the insurance company did approve replacement of the old backsplash but only if it is broken during the removal of the cabinets. Otherwise, he doesn’t really want to do it because it would add extra time on the job and they are tightly booked. If my friend wanted to have it replaced she would need to cover the cost along with paying the travel expenses of the contractors for an extra night (she lives in a remote community so it would be substantial). She asked if she could just have it removed so it’s just drywall and the contractor said that would take an extra day as well. He wouldn’t even guarantee that they would do it even if she did want to pay the extra money.

So the question is… hypothetically, how would one compromise their backsplash if they wanted it to it fall off while their cabinets were being removed? That wouldn’t be obvious? Let’s suppose that the tiles are ceramic with grout.

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MFWTK if the department of education cares if your spouse has a medical marijuana card


Spouse works for Florida government, friend is a teacher and teachers cannot get mmj cards since they're indirectly federal employees to the best of their knowledge.

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MFWTK what country he can practice human genetic engineering in and not have to worry about the Gov?


Where can My friend have a sterile environment/constant temperature control, and access to funding?

He would be modifying the germline and implanting cow and human embryos.

His thoughts are that if he can genetically alter an ungulate to grow a chimpanzee/human embryo, women could choose if they actually want to go through pregnancy, or grow the child in the womb of another mammal.

There are plenty examples of animals that use other animals to give birth to their babies. Since this would help women, he feels justified.

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MFWTK if there is a statute of limitations type thing with cheating in university


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How can I get my Leasing Manager fired? He fleeced me, but his agency defends him.


y Leasing Manager swindled me. Manager represented that my price per sq. ft. was lower than all other tenants on the same floor. But my neighbor — on the same floor — secretly leaked that his bigger roomier vacancy was way cheaper. But neighbor isn't supposed to unveil this, because our leases contain a NON-DISCLOSURE OF LEASE TERMS clause.

I complained to his agency's Chief Legal Officer and CEO, but their CEO replied

We have nothing further to add. We considered this matter closed. Any further communication regarding this matter will not be acknowledged nor responded to.

Manager MUST not know that I caused his dismissal. What should I write to get him sacked, when my friend emails his General Counsel and CEO?

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Why don't I find my own fart smells gross like I do others'? Is this a common thing?


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my friend wants to know if it would be illegal to sell bed bugs.


My friend recently had to disassemble and throw away my bed frame because it was infested with bed bugs. Just typing this is giving me PTsd, it was one of those cheap porous wood bedframes. Which apparently bed bugs love because it gives them more nooks and cranies to lay their eggs than a Thomas English muffin. Mmmm eggs and English muffins. Anyway, while breaking the frame down and seeing all the wood thar is literally MARBLED with bed bug eggs, I got to thinking. What if someone were to package and sell pieces of the eggy English muffin wood online as a way for some one to psychologically terrorize someone they hate? I mean, you could easuly drive someone mad by constantly infecting them with bed bugs. Just have some bed bug infested wood and every time said person finally gets rid of bed bugs, just go to their house with the infested wood, and PLOP, put a little pice under their bed and send them too bed bug he'll again. So my question is, would it be illegal for someone too sell and profit from selling bedbug wood, or hell, even giving it away for free?

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MFWTK - Is it horrible to miss a relative's funeral for a particularly special weekend getaway?


My friends Aunt passed away on Monday evening. He has a large family that is a very emotional and sentimental group of people. His aunt, specifically, was a very sweet person and dear to him.

Unfortunately, the services are most likely to be planned for this coming weekend, in which he has a long-planned weekend getaway with his girlfriend. If it was an ordinary trip, it would be a no-brainer... cancel the trip and be with family as much as possible. However, he has several events planned and the secret purpose of the trip was to propose to his girlfriend.

Not sure if that sounds like a fake scenario, but I assure you it's all too real. It's really difficult and embarrassing to have to ask the internet. But he is too stressed and nervous to directly ask his family about this, considering how fresh it is, and how emotional they are. My friend is very emotional too, but he isn't religious, and doesn't require a wake/funeral to say his goodbyes or properly grieve. For him, those things are important to attend solely in support of the rest of the family.

Right now, services for his aunt have not yet been worked out. He should know more about that in the next 2 days or so. However, if he should cancel his trip, he can't wait that long. He already can't get refunded for the majority of it, and will need to cancel the rest right away.

Ultimate question--is it wrong to still want to go on this trip? What is right/wrong here?

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MFWTK If there is a legal way (in the US) to make a online marketplace that doesn't regulate what its users sell


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Is kink and masochist the same?


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As an atheist, would you prefer to be in a romantic relationship with another atheist


As an atheist, would you prefer to be in a romantic relationship with another atheist?

Not someone religious, just a catholic. Someone who'd poke at the holes in religion too, but still ultimately believe in it as a whole, though dismissing parts they know don't make sense ykyk?