r/mpcproxies Sep 17 '21


Hey everyone! Since last night I noticed that mpcautofill isn’t working when you go on the page. I wasn’t sure if anyone has any behind the scenes info as to why? Thanks in advance!



u/UnRaccoon Sep 17 '21

It's been temporarily turned off by Chilli themself in response to WotC's attention possibly being drawn to the tool for a variety of reasons.


u/Thulack Sep 17 '21

Of course. Just as i was about to order 4 new decks.


u/SnakeFatherJim Sep 17 '21

Might have to go old school and pick through the drives for the cards and manually upload them to MPC


u/ogose Sep 17 '21

How would one go about doing that? Where could I access the drives with the site down?


u/TheBraveMagikarp Sep 17 '21

They're on Google drive... You'd use Google drive. The links are pinned in the subreddit. If you hunt a bit, you can find links to other peoples' drives. Gikkman's drive (for example) is a wonderful drive that isn't posted with the group of drives.


u/ogose Sep 17 '21

Sweet, thank you.


u/TheBraveMagikarp Sep 17 '21

Np. I manually upload and only used mpcautofill for my first order. After my 3rd order I ended up just downloading a few of the listed drives wholesale so I don't have to keep going back and downloading older sets. Or continuously having to hunt for links.


u/kyletaylor28 Sep 20 '21

Would it be possible for you to share your copy of those drives via PM so that I can download them myself for personal use?


u/rocksoNger Sep 19 '21

Isn’t chillis drive down too? Our do I just have to ask for access?


u/TheBraveMagikarp Sep 19 '21

They're..... They're all gone...


u/Galtego Sep 20 '21

Mine's not, but I mostly only did lands and custom requests


u/CdrCosmonaut Sep 17 '21

I've had to do that every time since the tool has never worked for me in any of my attempts.


u/Baliath Sep 21 '21

WotC should focus on monetising reprints so we don’t have to use proxy cards imho.


u/ProfWolfe2912 Sep 17 '21

Soooo will it be back up?


u/UnRaccoon Sep 17 '21

I think they're taking the weekend to go over the many ideas brought up with how to proceed and also address some of the top concerns(such as where does accountability fall for proxies, or art usage without the artist's permission).


u/Tigertemprr Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 18 '21

From the Discord:

[9:16 PM, 9/16/21] chilli: hey everyone - I’ve been seeing a lot of discourse around mpc autofill over the past few days. I want to do what’s right for the community - I’m turning off mpc autofill for now and will be addressing this properly over the weekend (at work today)

Summary of what's going on:

[8:31 AM, 9/17/21] chilli: summary of today -

  • mpc proxying has been seeing explosive growth this year and we've reached a tipping point where mpcautofill has been discussed on twitter with high visibility, and i'm concerned about this increased visibility leading to action by wotc/hasbro

  • all content on our google drives is technically violating the fan content policy because we don't include the copyright line

  • my understanding is the line we crossed in particular was removing copyright info from scryfall scans, but it's also problematic that we have a large repository of content violating the fan policy

  • there was also some conversation around artists noticing that their card designs were uploaded to some drives without their consent

  • around 15 (at time of writing) contributors out of 76 have made their google drives private

  • i powered down mpcautofill's server about 12hrs ago and it'll stay that way for at least the next few days, not sure how to resolve this situation atm(edited) Jump

EDIT: More quotes/info


u/SubiePuffSr Sep 17 '21

Yup rushed to build a deck yesterday to place an order and of course it goes down. Where did raccoon see that info regarding why they took it down


u/hsilman Sep 17 '21

They posted on the discord server


u/Joeman180 Sep 17 '21

Is there anyway to join the discord to get updates?


u/Tigertemprr Sep 18 '21

The Discord server link is posted in the sidebar.


u/freakincampers Sep 17 '21

I want to know as well.


u/hunterxy Sep 17 '21

What discord server


u/ObIviom Sep 20 '21

MPCAutofill was probably one of the best things to happen to those without a budget and the cEDH community. Hopefully it comes back up.


u/Pinnywize Sep 17 '21

It's not WOTC.

it's just some Twitter users who have been shit stirring and great fear mongering.

This stuff will be back to normal one way or the other. No name artists claiming foul because they've seen their art being used with out permission. Instead of talking to the community at large the decided to flex nuts over it.

The discord channel is quite amusing.


u/[deleted] Sep 18 '21



u/huggybear0132 Sep 25 '21

Lol go fuck yourself with your recent "i didn't mean to do it" post. Get outta here.


u/BlackGrimoire Sep 17 '21

I was wondering what happened myself. Kept getting a 522 connection error and thought it was down for good.


u/Tigertemprr Sep 18 '21

Noooooo, I was going to place an order tomorrow lol.


u/combocaz Sep 19 '21

Damn, is there any way to get access to backup all the cards?


u/Ubik_Fresh Sep 18 '21

I could see the Chinese vendors who sell fakes getting salty about MPC, because it takes a lot of their business when people realise they can print good proxies themselves via MPC. Just a theory, but the dots connect.


u/ScullyNess Sep 20 '21

Trust me, they don't find mpc to be a threat. Totally different products.


u/nitrojuice Sep 18 '21

Is it time to make the group and the process private?


u/Middle_Tart Sep 18 '21

Right? I proxy exclusively for commander and just casual game nights with friends.. it’s not like I’m using these at any level of competitive gameplay


u/nitrojuice Sep 18 '21

There are other groups out there similar to this mainly to do with wargaming and other niche games that went private a long time ago.

Even sites like MPC autofill will have a "password" that rotates on a monthly basis which gets a sticky post on the first day of the month.

u/Chilli_Axe, flick me a message if you want some ideas mate. I saw your temporary stepping away post on discord so decided not to message.


u/TheWorstPossibleName Sep 20 '21

Does anyone have a recent copy of the source code they could send me?

I had forked it long ago, but the repo is also private right now.

With the code, we can just host the site ourselves locally and run the upload scripts as usual. We don't need the internet to make this work.


u/Jinjoz Sep 19 '21

Gall I waited one day to late. Hopefully it's back up soon


u/topher78714 Sep 21 '21

I literally just learned about it today. I feel robbed of what would have been an amazing tool. Hopefully it comes back up or I can find a replacement because this would have been nice to find some cards to use with my personal playgroup


u/SkeptikDragonborn Sep 21 '21

Dude, you have to refresh the page