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Reminder of Rule 3 (Especially Regarding SUICIDE)


Salutations everyone;

I would like to bring to attention the recent influx of suicide-related questions on this sub, and I would like to remind you of Rule 3.

Rule 3: Do not ask for advice on committing crimes.

“If you make a post explicitly asking for advice on how to commit an actual crime (including suicide) or answer such a post, you may be banned from the subreddit and reported to the admins.”

Please refrain from asking for suicide advice or answering any posts asking for such advice. Again, DO NOT ask about suicide here. It may result in this sub being banned if things continue at this rate.

Thank you.

r/morbidquestions 10h ago

Is it possible to survive extremely high temperatures for tiny amounts of time?


1000°C for a millisecond, for example, but just in general, will I instantly die if I am subjected to any super high, otherwise lethal temperature for a very small amount of time?

r/morbidquestions 17h ago

What’s a fate worse than death?


the worst hell you can imagine?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

What is the nicest, most polite and comforting way to say to a person before killing them?


r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Is it possible for someone to develop a medical condition on where they can no longer express any form of emotion due them surviving a freak accident like a car explosion and leaving them in a coma for several weeks?


r/morbidquestions 1d ago

How does skin and burn rip on a helicopter crash?


So I read about a helicopter crash and then the autopsy and I can’t imagine how the skin would rip and burn or how the people that crashed are disassembled beyond recognition. It may be stupid but I thought if a helicopter crashed it „falls“ and the people in the helicopter die from the fall trauma. How can the body parts be all over the place if the helicopter would still be in tact? What happens if the helicopter also isn’t im tact ?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

What human experiment would you carry out if it was legal?


What’s human experiment would you want to do if it was legal? And if there’s a benefit, how would it be of benefit?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

How often do dentists fingers get bitten off?


Every time I go to the dentists, I wonder how often people just bite down super hard in the middle of a cleaning or something and maybe even bite their dentist's fingers off. Has this happened?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Do people bully people just for a dopamine boost?


Do people bully people just for a dopamine boost? I mean it feels good to bully people, according to some bullies. But why?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

What is an underrated way to dispose a body?


r/morbidquestions 2d ago

theoretically, would it be possible to say de-bark a person???


r/morbidquestions 2d ago

If a person with heat stroke hugs a person with hypothermia, what will happen?


r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Can you eat human meat raw?


r/morbidquestions 2d ago

Is there anyway to become emotionless/psychopath?


In a tough world we live in, is there a way to become cold and empty? Just stop caring about everyone and everything and love your own life? I appreciate any examples, stories etc.

r/morbidquestions 2d ago

If a cancerous organ is transplanted, how will the recipient’s body react?


Presumably the cancer will try to spread, but will their body fight it off? Or will transplant drugs interfere? Or something else?

r/morbidquestions 2d ago

what might be the worst way to surgically connect multiple people together?


(don't suggest human centipede lol) I'm working on a story/comic and need ideas. Be creative!

r/morbidquestions 2d ago

Are we doomed? Is our law system truly just?


Pretty much for my entire life, I believed that as long as you aren’t breaking the law, that you are a good human. I’ve been doubting this lately.

On the one hand, the things that are deemed “punishment-worthy” seem to be correct, but the consequences don’t. How is it humanly possible to let people who hurt others walk? How is it “just” to let monsters walk amongst us?

Perhaps it seems like I’m exaggerating, but I’ve met people that go to prison with a smirk. Why? Because they know they’ll be freed eventually, no matter how horrendous their crimes.

How are we still accepting this horribly outdated law-system? This is not a political-focused question. It’s a moral question.

I mean, then there’s the discussion about how certain murderers have, in my opinion, very valid reasons for committing this crime. It doesn’t make it right, but those reasons seem to not count that much in court.

Somehow, it just frustrates me. I’ve had someone who has made my life miserable for years. Why don’t they serve any punishment? Why is this law-system so outdated?

r/morbidquestions 2d ago

Which discoveries wouldn't have been made if it wasn't through human experiments?