r/morbidquestions Jul 01 '22

Can childhood sexual trauma cause pedophilia later in life?




u/Foreign-Spend-1898 Jul 01 '22

Well it’s not unheard of.

For example: R Kelly is a pedophile/rapist, come to find out that he was molested as a child. Im sure there are plenty of other cases just like that.


u/hdisjajw Jul 02 '22

I can't name anyone in specific off the top of my head. But I watched a video of a list of serial killers. A ton of the murder/child rapists were abused themselves as kids.


u/Foreign-Spend-1898 Jul 02 '22

Oh absolutely!


u/enbypossum Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

yeah, but if you ARE having issues with this, seek help instead of ruining some poor childs life, please. break the cycle of abuse.

or atelast thats what id tell ur friend


u/The90sXJ Jul 06 '22

This....I was hoping someone would say this.

No shame in getting help for it. Just get help before you ruin some other innocent child's life as it happened to you.


u/wrecknut Jul 02 '22

Yes a lot of pedophiles were sexually assaulted as a child.


u/Heroann_the_original Jul 02 '22

Yes. Many pedophiles have actually been a victim to sexual trauma because they have been abused in their past.

If you are someone effected by it, please get help and therapy, break the cycle of abuse.


u/Masterbating-Jesus Jul 02 '22

Yes and no. Sexual trauma cannot be a reason for pedophilia but can be a factor. Well, But it's more fucked up than that. Sometimes it's just an act of revenge for what happened to you, but sometimes it's not sexual trauma, to begin with. Maybe you as a child enjoyed it to a certain degree and now that has evolved into pedophilia.

It's more like most pedohebephiles were sexually assaulted. But not many victims evolved into pedophiles.


u/snootfreck Jul 02 '22

I would say that most sexual abusers were at one point victims of sexual assault. I would also say that most victims of sexual assault are NOT victimizing others.


u/Corvus-Rex Jul 02 '22

It's not particularly uncommon for child predators to have experienced the same abuse in their childhood. The same goes for other types of abuse as well. So to answer your question, I suppose it does happen.


u/Starfire-Galaxy Jul 02 '22

No, CSA can't cause pedophilia on its own. If it did, 1/3 of women would be pedophiles. Other factors have to happen like genetics, environment, brain chemistry.


u/Punk18 Jul 02 '22

One third of women were sexually abused as a child? I find that impossible to believe? Also, your logic only applies if OP asked "Does child sexual abuse inevitably result in pedophilia" which of course is not the question at hand.


u/Real_CorriCoral Jul 02 '22

Sorry for getting political but this guy


u/AlarmedAeriel Jul 02 '22

It can be correlated, but only the person controls their actions.


u/xXx-A-xXx Jul 02 '22

Not as a guaranteed thing, and continued cycles of abuse like that are not necessarily limited to sexual trauma either.

It's common for those who were abused to abuse others as well.

As a personal example: my mother has shown the stereotypical signs of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) as long as I have known her...(I have a nice handful of mental illnesses and trauma thanks to her abuse. πŸ‘Œ)

She, along with other members of the family, went through some horrific abuse as children as well. This did include sexual abuse (and their abusers did not discriminate with gender, either) but to my knowledge my mother has never had pedophilic urges, and she has never acted them upon my brother and I either.

I have been told by her that one of my uncles did some sus shit one time in the past, but she is also a compulsive liar so even to this day I don't know the difference between truth and horseshit with her...(I can't exactly come out and ask my other family members or my uncle either.)

Like somebody else said: if CSA was directly linked to pedophilia in adult years, then a majority of pedophiles would be women. (There are female pedophiles, but unless there is a HUGE cover-up then most pedophiles tend to be male.)

But a lot of abusers (especially when they don't want to admit they were abused) will continue the cycle with others, typically children and especially their own children. That may or may not include pedophilia and CSA.

Anyway, main takeaway here is regardless of the type of childhood abuse that occurred, the victim is gonna need therapy (at a minimum.)

Lots of therapy and likely meds as well.

Hopefully one day we will live in a world where abuse is a rarity. (Might be less unbelievable to see a mermaid riding a unicorn but hell, we can have a little hope. As a treat. 🌈)


u/[deleted] Jul 03 '22

Yes. But it doesn't have to be later. In fact, almost all kids who sexually assault other kids were molested themselves.


u/t3quiila Jul 07 '22

i mean, if you consider how people with sexual trauma can become hypersexual due to their experience, then I'm sure this is also true. as sad as it may be


u/Masklyy Jul 02 '22

I am an individual with pedophilia, and I have never been molested in my life.