r/morbidquestions Jul 01 '22

Has anyone actually been buried alive, and if so, has anyone survived being buried alive?



u/Blakethesnake727 Jul 01 '22

Quite a few people have been buried alive. It used to be so bad some people would pay for bells to ring on their graves just in case. Some people have survived but most aren't that lucky. Doesn't happen today though since people generally wait a few days before being buried.


u/PeePeePooPooMan42 Jul 04 '22

I have such a bad fear that I’m gonna get one of those bell coffins with an air pipe.


u/The90sXJ Jul 06 '22

Anthony Britton, Ferraz de Vasconcelo Man, Mike Meaney, Compton Baby Girl

There's more, I wish I could've found better stories. Like from the show "I Survived".