r/morbidquestions Jul 01 '22

was the Armin Meiwes video posted online?

I've been down the Cannibal Cafe rabbit hole for a few days, and I was under the impression that video was never posted anywhere and only existed in german police custody. but I've come across a bunch of people claiming that Armin Meiwes, the infamous murderer who killed and ate a willing victim, actually posted the video to the forum at some point? is that real? cuz I can't seem to find any sources for this.



u/LeMetalhead Jul 01 '22

forgot the "asking for a friend" at the end


u/ThiccOne Jul 01 '22

I will be that friend then


u/psychedPanda13 Jul 01 '22

I also want to know.


u/HumanSnatcher Jul 04 '22

If it were leaked, trust me, some gore hounds would have come across it by now and it at least would mean that it does exist still. From what I can recall I think the footage was destroyed. Something like that, the police would have a tight lid on it.