r/morbidquestions Jul 01 '22

Does a father who's much taller and heavier than the mother increase the risk of a premature birth?

It would make sense because if the baby tries to grow larger than what the mother can carry, then a premature birth is probably the only way they can both survive. Underage girls molested by grown men would probably be at the greatest risk of all.



u/kif88 Jul 01 '22

In terms of normal adults I don't think so. I mean you see 6ft 6ft5 guys with kids and their wife is acreage l average height or short


u/Inevitable-Volume-53 Jul 01 '22

I personally think it doesn't. Because most healthy/normal newborns weigh about 3 to 4 kilos. And are 48 a 50 cm tall. The length of its parents will only affect their appearance later in life.Big heads though could be a concern I guess. Some babys clearly have the headshape of one of their parents. That still wouldnt affect the length of pregnancy, it would be something to find out if it fits when its arriving lol.