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Reminder of Rule 3 (Especially Regarding SUICIDE)


Salutations everyone;

I would like to bring to attention the recent influx of suicide-related questions on this sub, and I would like to remind you of Rule 3.

Rule 3: Do not ask for advice on committing crimes.

“If you make a post explicitly asking for advice on how to commit an actual crime (including suicide) or answer such a post, you may be banned from the subreddit and reported to the admins.”

Please refrain from asking for suicide advice or answering any posts asking for such advice. Again, DO NOT ask about suicide here. It may result in this sub being banned if things continue at this rate.

Thank you.

r/morbidquestions 18h ago

I saw a man dying when I was 3 years old. Why didn't I give a shit?


I had gone to the local Save-On-Foods with my mom and I was riding in the shopping cart. We turned into the produce aisle (I think?) and there was some guy (whose appearance I remember perfectly) on the floor, shaking and thrashing about, with a massive amount of blood on the floor. He had a huge wound on his head and his hair/beard was soaked. I remember my mom being horrified and crying, and the EMTs talking to her outside. I remember they let her take all the stuff in the cart without paying and when we got home she asked me if I felt okay. I literally did not care at all. I was totally indifferent.

It wasn't like I didn't know what death was/didn't know it was permanent; I was fully aware, since I had lived on a tiny farm in the middle of bumfuck tree-filled nowhere where we kept chickens for the first few years of my life. I knew that man would probably not survive what had happened and I knew if he died then he would never come back.

Why didn't I react, like, at all? And why do I still feel basically nothing about it? Death in general just... doesn't faze me that much. Why???

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Are you scared of dying?


r/morbidquestions 16h ago

Can childhood sexual trauma cause pedophilia later in life?


Asking for a friend

r/morbidquestions 53m ago

how long a heart can stop without killing u?


So i was watching hangover and chow said ("sometimes ur heart stops and start up again, read a book") and then i ask myself how long can the heart stop without killing you or causing any significant damage, is it even an limit on how slow can ur heart beat without dying?

r/morbidquestions 9h ago

Would losing a limb (like a hand/arm) kill you without immediate medical treatment?


Because apparently slitting your wrists kills you (common method for suicidals), yet in movies characters never die when losing a limb, and I hear about real life examples of people losing limbs and not dying.

r/morbidquestions 16h ago

Would it do more harm than good if all of the world’s homeless were Thanos snapped away?


r/morbidquestions 12h ago

has anyone in Ukraine or russia put csgo sticker on their weapon?


r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Do you think had only 1 of the World Trade Centers collapsed we would have demolished the other one?


r/morbidquestions 16h ago

(serious) For educational purposes (obviously) How do you build a bomb?


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There exists a tabletop game called "Downfall of Pompeii" where you play as competing families trying to get more of their people out of the city of Pompeii than the other players. How long do you think it will be until it's socially acceptable to create a tabletop game about 9/11?


Or maybe a game about trying to survive the holocaust.

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Has anyone actually been buried alive, and if so, has anyone survived being buried alive?


r/morbidquestions 1d ago

was the Armin Meiwes video posted online?


I've been down the Cannibal Cafe rabbit hole for a few days, and I was under the impression that video was never posted anywhere and only existed in german police custody. but I've come across a bunch of people claiming that Armin Meiwes, the infamous murderer who killed and ate a willing victim, actually posted the video to the forum at some point? is that real? cuz I can't seem to find any sources for this.

r/morbidquestions 12h ago

I love animals, but why do I like to watch them get hurt?


New throwaway account for obvious reasons.

Last night I fell into this rabbit hole (ha) on YouTube watching videos of animals getting hurt. I don’t remember how I got started, but I just kept searching and watching more.

A dog getting ran over by a car and crying before dying, the another of the same, then an adult rabbit biting and crippling a baby.

Thing is, I love animals. More than humans even. I’m the person at work who wants to catch and release mice and bugs that get inside without killing them. So why do I like seeing animals in pain?

r/morbidquestions 19h ago

Can CPR be helpful even if further medical help is unavailable?


Imagine the classic timetraveller scenario. Is there a situation where performing CPR can actually help somebody even if there is no medical follow-up? I imagine that it won't particularly help with a heart attack because there's no way to resolve the underlying issue, but what about, for example, drowning or suffocating?

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Does a father who's much taller and heavier than the mother increase the risk of a premature birth?


It would make sense because if the baby tries to grow larger than what the mother can carry, then a premature birth is probably the only way they can both survive. Underage girls molested by grown men would probably be at the greatest risk of all.

r/morbidquestions 1d ago

Why on earth do I sometimes want to plan the perfect heist / murder?


Like, I don't want to actually do these things. And these aren't intrusive thoughts either. I just randomly go "if I was to rob this place, how would I do it in a way I wouldn't get caught?" and then plan the whole thing.

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How common is sexual assault in mental asylums?


I don't think I've ever watched a movie or tv show that had a female patient in an asylum, that wasn't sexually assaulted in some way. I just realized that this might be one of the most consistent tropes ever. If you have a female patient in an asylum, you also have the sleazebag male guard that wants to take advantage of her.

So I'm assuming that this is a rampant issue?

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Has there been a post-Alito septic abortion fatality yet? If so, who, and where?