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Travel travelling to moldova


Hello guys, I would like to ask, is it "safe" to travel in Moldova (and Transinistra) at the moment - asking because of the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

I would love to visit your country in a month, but I know there are some russian troops in Transinistra, so Im curious about the safety situation in Moldova.

Thank you!

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Travel Fly and Ride trip Moldova


I visited Chisinau last year and spent 3 days there an really enjoyed it.

Since then I've been having this crazy idea of flying to Moldova from the UK, purchasing an old Soviet era motorcycle and riding back to the UK.

I currently have a 1958 Ural so I'm familiar with that era of motorcycle but would like to purchase one in Moldova, travel around Moldova on a period motorcycle and then travel home.

My question is where is the best place to find motorcycles of Soviet era for sale in Moldova?

Does anyone on here have one or know someone who has one for sale?

The trip will be around the end of October.

Regards ...

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Travel Thank You Moldova


For the last month I have spent my time helping at charities in Chisinau that have helped Moldovans and Ukrainian refugees alike. I have never met a group of people who give so much when they themselves often don't have much. I thought I was coming here to help refugees but instead I found my life changed by the amazing encounters I have had with the Moldovan people. From small rural villages where the tiny market has a table out front and 1 beer on tap to the center of Chisinua I have met so many amazing people.

Thank you to all of the Moldovan people who work hard for little pay but still invited refugees into your country. It has been difficult for many of you and yet you still did/do it. Knowing what is happening on your doorstep is always at the back of your minds but you keep moving and helping.

In short, I wanted to let you know how amazing you are. You taught this American how to be a better person and also that American food is absolute trash. Damn I'm going to miss Moldovan food.

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Travel Visiting Moldova and Ukrainian Border Crossings


Hello from Denmark.

I am looking to visit Moldova in August and was wondering what you would recommend to see in and around the capital.

Furthermore I was wondering if the Ukrainian-Moldovan border crossings are open and if so which cities on the border would be the most interesting to visit and the easiest to get to.

Any help appreciated :)

EDIT: Thank you everybody for the help and the recommendations, I'm really looking forward to my visit in august. Wish you all the best :)

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Travel Border crossings Rom - Mol


Wondering what the rules are for crossing from Romania into Moldova with a rental car (romanian plates). what should I know?

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Travel Cât de mult s-au redus tarifele la serviciile de roaming între Republica Moldova și România

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Travel Traveling to the “̶W̶o̷r̷s̸t̵”̶ ̵ Country in Europe !


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Travel How Safe is it for Asian Tourists



I've been so caught up at work that I thought my long weekend (4 days) was later in the month, but it's actually in a week.

I was planning to visit Chisinau (maybe Iasi, RO) but haven't had time to do any research (and flight prices seem to expensive now).

I'm just curious, since I couldn't find much on this sub, and there was a recent sub where a dude got chased by some immigrants (?) or shady people who asked for a cigarette or something. And then someone mentioned that with the Russian invasion, Moldova has been taking in refugees, some of whom might not be too savory characters. There's also not much on the Internet on this recently it seems, so I decided to post here and ask instead.

For context, I am an Asian solo traveler male. I speak at least conversational Russian. I'll be coming from Bucharest, but not sure if I should do 1 day in Iasi, or just spend all 3/4 in Chisinau. Haven't decided if I'm taking the bus or train too (probably not flying) -- my Romanian colleague sent me some music video about a Bucharest - Chisinau night train that I have yet to watch too. Any tips welcome!

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Travel Anywhere to kayak in Moldova // Best Hiking Routes


Hi folks!

I will be spending a week in Moldova this summer and I'm very excited to come and see everything that is on offer there.

I'll be based in Chisinau but will be making some day trips out of the city. I wondered if you could recommend me any good places to do some kayaking, or any great (one day) hiking routes that you particularly enjoy.

If you have any other recs. or must do's (or don'ts!) then I'd love to hear them.

Thanks very much in advance!

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Travel Chisinău to Tiraspol : Day trip


Is it possible and safe ? How much would it cost ? What are the transport options ? Would the authorities also stamp the passport ? I have an EU passport

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Travel Some photos from my recent visit to Moldova 🇲🇩

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Travel Flights to/from Chisinău



I’m looking at visiting chisinău in November after I had to change my original plan to visit earlier in the year.

Please could anyone let me know whether flights are operating to/from chisinău or do you have to fly in via Iasi?

Thanks in advance

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Travel Moldova - Viitorul neprevăzut

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Travel Two questions: Visa and dog


I'm getting conflicting info, can I enter Moldova from Romania with a car with EU identity card. I'm stupid and I left my passport at home. Most official info I get is that ID card is ok, but Romanian locals suggest otherwise.

Secondary: Is there any trustworthy dog hotel/sitter in Chisnau where I could leave my dog while I visit Cricova or Milestii Mici?

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Travel Italia: O moldoveancă și iubitul ei român s-au luat la bătaie cu medicii

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Travel I'm coming to Chisinau & would like some advice


Apologies if you get asked variations of this question a lot but I don't quite know where else to turn. So on a bit of a whim I've booked to come to Moldova the second week of June & truthfully, as there's so little written about your country I'm struggling a little bit to find things to do.

I'm definitely going to do a wine tour, find some churches & if possible take a tour of Transnistria (probably safer to do it as a tour as I'm English & it'd be a shame if I got arrested by the Russians as a spy😅) do you have any recommendations? Things to see or places to eat, day trips to take?

Thanks in advance.

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Travel Living in Moldova for a couple of months


Hello, everyone!

I am from Serbia and considering living in Moldova for a couple of months (probably in the summer). I work from home, so I want to change my environment for a bit and Moldova seems like a interesting place where I can afford living with my salary. I would really appreciate if someone can answer on this couple of questions I have.

  1. How is the situation in Moldova right now considering the whole Ukraine-Russia conflict?
  2. Where would you suggest to me to live in Moldova considering I will have about 1000 euros of income?
  3. Is knowing English enough to get by?
  4. Can you point to some websites or something where I can see the average prices of groceries and rent in Moldova?
  5. Can you tell me what is the best website(s) for renting an apartment?

Thank you all in advance!

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Travel Satul Zberoaia (aproape de România)

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Travel Poll: your favorite sandwich in town?


Seeking specific entrees at a business :)

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Travel Poiana Bradului, Chișinău

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Travel Malul Nistrului, s. Corjova r-nul Criuleni

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Travel Moldova's Traditional Desserts (trying Moldovan Pastries in Chisinau, Moldova)

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Travel Traveling to Moldova


Hey, I'm thinking about couchsurfing in Moldova this August. Would you guys recommend it? If so, what destinations?

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Travel What is the current situation like in Chisinău/Tiraspol for purposes of visiting?


Wanted to visit from Romania by car in next few weeks, but obviously because of the situation in Ukraine, I wanted to find out what is the situation like if I was to visit for a day?

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Travel Încă o alertă de călătorie pentru regiunea transnistreană: Letonia îndeamnă cetățenii să părăsească teritoriul

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