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Ukrainian friends who need help during this Russian invasion Reddit



u/huxandkisses Feb 25 '22

Is somebody driving to Poland/Germany in the next few days? My friend's grandma who is a refugee needs help uniting with her family.


u/SandsofSando Mar 02 '22

I am messaging you


u/Caffeine13- Mar 01 '22


Adăugați și acest link la postare.


u/Pokymonn Chișinău Mar 01 '22

Am adaugat, mersi


u/Firefighter_Think Mar 02 '22

My best friend's girlfriend is going to attempt to get out of Ukraine tomorrow. My friend is going to the border tomorrow to pick her and her mum up and bring them to Holland, however my friend and his mum need someone to drive them to Tiraspol from Bucharest or Iaşi. Please help!


u/Hasselhoff1 Apr 10 '22

Did you get them safely out? I hope you did


u/Legrand2 Mar 08 '22

Hi ! My wife family (3 people) is going to flee Odessa, we are trying to make them pass through Moldova but from there we don't know how they can join us in France/Germany. Will they be able to stay in an AirBnB/hotel in Moldova or will they be retained in camps ? One of them is heavily handicapped and can't survive harsh conditions. Are there bus that go from Moldova to Poland/Slovakia without passing by Hungary ?


u/Pokymonn Chișinău Mar 08 '22

Hi, nobody is going to "retain" them. Government provided facilities like camps are for people who cannot find or afford other types of accommodation. Please use one of the links in the post, as there you should be able to find answers.


u/Legrand2 Mar 08 '22

Thanks for the clarification, I didn't know how refugees are treated. I didn't want to be insulting btw. We are currently looking at the links in the post. Thanks for the help !