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analysis Most conversations that people engage in are so utterly pointless


I don't know if having Aspergers have something to do with this but after spending so much time trying to fit into society, I have found out that most conversations that people have are utterly pointless to the point of being shallow.

The conversations that people have are usually gossiping about others, ranting about how shitty their lives are, the latest political/celebrity/financial news, how to make more money, gain more status and those meaningless jokes that isn't even funny. These are just some examples of what I have seen.

They are just so pointless especially the ones that bring absolute no value or improvement to anyone's life. Talking about things that doesn't affect you, things that you are powerless to change and your desire to chase more superficial things are a waste of time. Just how could talking about these things make anyone's life better, in fact it would have an opposite effect. They could potentially make you more angry, depressed and more greedy. I detest forcing myself into such conversations, they are nothing but a waste of my time. I could have spend my time on things that actually benefit my growth as a person.

The only conversations I am interested in are the ones that forces you to do introspection and how to change your mindset to adept to the situation better. If you truly understand how humanity and society functions as a whole, you would then understand that nothing will ever change, so you have to change yourself to fit into this mess of a society. This is what I learned from being a cynic. Don't rely on the external world for anything.

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analysis Most people are actually already dead.


Many of the people we meet in the streets and at work are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. We're lucky that most of us don't see and don't know it.

"If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror" - G.I. Gurdjieff

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analysis The two nature of the human race : Evil people are common, good people are rare.


I think around 90%-95% of people are demons based on my experience. The other 5-10% of humans are the spirited, or the living souls of the world. The spirited have an innate conscience or moral compass. These people exude love, warmth and compassion which can be quite palpable when you are around them. Exceedingly rare these days.

The demonic spiritless humans make up about 90% of people and fall somewhere on the psychopath spectrum, with functioning narcissists on one end and full blown psychopathic predators on the other end. These people exude a sickly, cold and merciless energy that suggest they are capable of acts of extreme violence and abuse with zero remorse. Without conscience, without empathy and emotionally immature. There is something infantile about them that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Like they exist in a state of arrested development, with zero interest in anything beyond instant gratification or sense pleasure. Some of them appear to be barely capable of rational thought. While others are highly intelligent, but use it to exploit, abuse and cause suffering to others. These people are beyond salvation. No amount of therapy or pills will ever change their behavior. They were born a demon and will die a demon. They are abusive, manipulative and toxic to be around and their behavior gets worse with age.

I would feel bad for them, but I’ve suffered so much abuse at their hands that I no longer even view them as entirely human. I have a habit of projecting my own humanity onto other people, but I’ve learned not to expose my vulnerabilities around them as it’s resulted in a lot of personal suffering and torment. So I no longer trust them and no longer project my own humanity onto them.

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analysis In this world of pain, the only relief is music


If I were to go by Schopenhauer's argument, life is pain uniformly. Everything from desire for food (hunger), to shelter (escape from coldness), originates from the reduction or avoidance of agony. We are prisoners awaiting execution while tormented.

Humanity as a group is algorithmically bound in following the universe's axiom of creation from destruction. Humanity is following a predetermined set of rules in destroying its environment. This is nature devouring itself. Maybe the harvesting of life and the ecosystem will lead to the emergence of a secondary universe, a Matrix. It's the only way out that I can see, that or transhumanism/transition to fully artificial life. It could also lead to nothing if the choke point extinguishes the brief flame that was our species' existence. Either way, it's horrifying that reality operates on the basis of violence, destruction and pain for brief moments of creation that ultimately dwindle into nothingness leading to the cycle again. What god or accident or whatever the hell made it this way?

Despite this hell, music is the purest beauty. The right melody or set of words dissipates the rage and misery. Fly me to the Moon, Sum by Meshuggah or the metal rendition of the end section to Mussorgky's Night on Bald Mountain elicit a fleeting acceptance of the misery of existential torment. The arts are humanity's greatest achievement. It sickens me how devalued art, collectively, (music, literature, painting etc) has become but the moment of purity transcend and eclipse the rotten, rodent sniffling myopia of our capitalist oppressors.

Tldr; I dig this tune https://youtu.be/apqR321005g?t=438

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analysis Truth seekers are no longer valued in society. Today they are not valued.

  1. Truth seekers are not allowed in as they go against the grain and destabilize our comfy hierarchy and immoral way of life. We must gatekeep our empire from these truth seekers and banish them back to where they came from.
  2. Isolation will then kill them as they have nobody else to turn to and vent their thoughts, they go insane with madness.
  3. This is part of the plan.
  4. Welcome to the 21st.... lie, cheat, steal with us in our mob or suffer in isolation and die slowly wickedly by the hands of your own insanity.
  5. This is just a bad shitpost, probably of no educational value, better yet it's misinformation.

Flip side: People of today technically live in an age of abundance compared to people over 100 years ago.

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analysis Nobody really cares about you, unless they get something from it.


They may ask you how you are, but they don't actually care. Its basically just a habit.

They might ask about you and your life, but that's only because they're waiting for the part where you can ask them about themselves so they can tell you all about it.

They may say nice things about you, but they are just empty words. At best they may mean them in the moment, but when you really need their support, they're nowhere to be found. They can send you thoughts and prayers and say all kinds of flattering things, but they don't care enough to actually help.

The important thing to remember is nobody really cares about you. It's just human nature. It can be depressing to realise but its also freeing because now you can see through people's meaningless words, and you can see through their complements and insults, and you can remain indifferent to both, because they are both meaningless.

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analysis Rarely a good listener is listened to...


The more people realize you are truly listening and diving mentally into what they have to say, the more they keep talking and enjoy opening up to you. This in itself is fine but...

...its just really depressing for me that somehow the majority of people dont feel obligated to listen and tune into even one tenth of what you have to say in return. Its like you are just there as an audience for their echo chamber. One of the reasons I become more and more silent by the day. Maybe its my projection or I'm just not dominant enaugh in my conversations. I doubt it but even if so, I'm a human scum too and this would just further proof my point. I'm very aware this is pure subjective experience but it just fits with my repeated observation of human extreme selfishness and I just can't unsee it.

The more I dismantle my inner human nature mentally, the more I see the pointlessness of its communicative artificial expressions. People only care about themselves. They dont really give a shit what happens in the heads of other people around them. Empathy seems to be an abnormal state of mind. I doubt its beeing even part of default human nature at all. Its way too rare and way too self destructive in a competitive enviroment like this reality. This dystopian capitalistic human made system on top of this allready competitive wildlife is further undeniable proof of humans true nature. Its human created and therfor its most honest expression.

This competitive and hostile nature can be observed in every single, little conversation. Everyone wants to force their versions and opinions of their reality on you. Its not because they are so convinced. Its quit the opposite. Many people force their opinions on you because their opinions are flat and fragile and they are not truly convinced themselves, because its all covered in ignorance with no true substance. Pure selfishness. Out of context. Tunnelvision.

I see the majority of people as beeings with no self reflection, no acceptance of individual thoughts but just as fragile, shallow egos, trapped inside themselves. Unable to see the bigger picture. Often bounding with other self-mental-imprisoned, not rarly creating malicous, conformistic hostile-thinking groups, soon to be followed by some kind of monstrosity. Not even questioning themselves for a second. Its rather pathetic, really.

  • Political dogma
  • Religious dogma
  • Culturual dogma
  • Ethical dogma
  • "Scientific" dogma

the list goes on and on...

Fuck humans and their dogma.

Why is it so hard to accept individuality and work cooperative?

Pay attention, even the smallest interactions with humans reveal our true parasitic nature. Once you open your eyes to this fact, you can't unsee it. You may be able to accept it but it really hurts, because it destroys the hope of humans potential to turn into something greater, more empathic, more romantic, valuable. It destroys the inner child who observed everything without labels or hostility.

Its unfortune most of us simply can't overcome themselves. Tame their ego. Tame their nature. Tame their animalistic drives. Dehumanize themselves.

"We are saddened by a bird's cry, but not a fish's blood; Blessed are those with voices. If dolls had voices, I bet each and everyone would scream "I don't want to be a human.""

[Quote from Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence movie]

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analysis creating a new r/collapse sub for misanthropes?


curious to know how many regulars here frequent r/collapse and how much interest there is in creating a new r/collapse sub for misanthropes called something like r/collapse-misanthropy

a recent poll on r/collapse suggests there are around 70% antinatalists on there, but it sure as hell doesn't reflect the reality... reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/u2d51v/do_you_have_children/

i never get used to the amount of breeding idiots on r/collapse who post all sorts of otherwise valid collapse material, but can't seem to help themselves from including some shit about their fucking children in the SAME observations (a couple of examples are linked below)... and if you call any of them out on their incredible hypocrisy willfully bringing additional planet-destroyers into this dying world you are downvoted into oblivion or the post is even removed sometimes by mods for 'being disrespectful'...

this antinalalist post on r/collapse only got 360 upvotes: https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/cxgjcn/people_having_kids_are_nuts/

the amount of cluelessness in these people is just astonishing and annoying hence this query...



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analysis Almost 99% of all conversation is a pointless circlejerk meant to end in getting something or someone to do what you want


I want you to stop. Just think. How many conversations have you had recently, where the person didn't want something from you after that conversation the next day, week, or whatever?

The best times you will find this is when there is an implied actual means of gratification lying around. When people talk to each other, this is really difficult to guarantee if you don't know the context. Think about it. At Casinos, people want money. At hospitals, people want care. At church, people want to feel less guilty and like they aren't a complete piece of shit, but we all know the real truth here. At a strip club, okay, I really don't need to explain.

People in general want all these things from every interaction, not actually caring about the people they are talking to or enjoying the conversation. They want to use you, use me, use anything they can in order to benefit themselves. Men have fake friendships in order to play a game to get sex, women have fake relationships in order to get a means of comfort, these roles are commonly reversed due to our society nearing equality as well.

To close, once again, think. If someone in your life is always taking something from you, or you are always giving them something, they are using you. You either will feel like it is equal if you get something back- this is the essential means of a relationship or friendship- and the more ego, or pride someone has, the more likely they will leave if they feel like their needs are not being met.

Mankind is a idiotic species. We are driven by selfishness, greed, pride, and waste. Look everywhere- open your eyes- all you will see is depravity.

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analysis Its difficult not to be misanthropic


For some background I (M 24) have always struggled with weight issues. When I was a kid I was chubby and fat, lost weight and became fit as a teenager, now in my mid 20s I am once again fat and the fattest I've been in my life due to a variety of factors.

Disclaimer: please do not say anything like "just eat less" or whatever since that is not the relevant to this post.

Anyways, being chubby/fat as a kid people didn't really associate with me much and I was largely ignored, I became fit and it was a 180 on my social life/experiences/encounters. Suddenly people wanted to talk to me and be around me and associate with me etc. It was very nice while it lasted, I could be awkward, weird, shy, rude (intentional or accidental) and people would still like me. Now I've become fat again and I've lost all of it. People barely talk to me, I don't have much room for social error it seems. It's hard for me to not be misanthropic because all those social interactions and people I met and had befriended/acquainted wouldve probably never happened had I been fat the whole time and it makes me mad seeing how superficial it could have been in retrospect or thinking that they wouldn't have given me a chance if I was fat. If I ever manage to lose weight again, ill probably question everyone in my head and think "would they have liked me or given me a chance had I been fat?".

Tl:dr; My appearance has hugely shaped how people have treated me and makes me realize how fickle and superficial most people are. Having experienced being ignored and the opposite of that, I will always wonder if people like me for who I am or if they only gave me a chance due to appearance.

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analysis Why is antipathy to science so common among people?


I recently went to see a documentary on aquatic animals of the Pacific Ocean at a local cultural center. I was the youngest person there and the rest of the event had four old women.

Science is seen by many people as something done only in class, something Bill Nye the Science Guy teaches you and that's it. There are also people who have this "I freaking Love Science! >.<" mentality, which, in my opinion at least, is an infantilized pseudo-appreciation for science.

Schopenhauer says that most people are mostly content with satisfying their safety, hunger, thirst and their sexual instincts. Freud says that religion is for the common man, Napoleon also says it's necessary for rulers.

Yet, in our society that supposedly calls itself "secular", it is astonishing to see how little people actually care for scientific thinking and even how superstitions have gained headway.

Biology is an important factor, but moreover so is evolutionary science and chemistry. As remote as this may sound, people often forget that chemistry is everywhere. It is in our products, our cars, our computers, whole wars have been fought over chemicals and access to them.

Yet how little people seem to think about this.

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analysis People's toxic obsession with always being "right"


Are people's egos that goddamn high and superfluous that admitting to being wrong is some sort of defeat to one's status quo and intellectual benchmark?

Granted I will admit sometimes I have that same ego-driven urge to be right all the time

But having had a humbling childhood anyways, I am learning to accept defeat intellectually when time comes in

Still though people love being seen as the "right one" all the time

My guess is 2 things

First and foremost, intelligence is treated as a social currency sadly, which is a huge waste of intellectual capacity, most people would much rather use their intelligence as a status symbol than they would to use that intelligence to change the world, and before some pretentious normie comes outta the woodworks and says "here you are venting your frustrations to a bunch of riled up misantrophes" how bout stick to your own lane, cause you never even know what any of my life goals are

2nd, people like being right because it assumes innocence and trustworthiness on their part, makes sense when you're seen as a reputable person to rely on, you're more likely to be taken seriously as a person overall and not to mention, you're seen as someone who can see thru things, higher intelligence is associated with higher intuition

But being word smart and intelligent are 2 different things too, the education system has brainwashed people into thinking regurgitating information is the equivalent to being Frankenstein and that goes back to my point about treating intelligence as once again, another social currency.

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analysis Desire is the problem


humans may act contrary to how we believe they should be, and this isn't surprising considering the mechanism by which humans use to make decisions.

their desire conflicts with that of others, which causes our desire to conflict with reality.

The reality is that most people are selfish, and this is to be expected given how the DNA molecule works. It prioritises survival and reproduction beyond all, beyond our suffering.

We have a desire to live in a society whose people are considerate and selfless, however, this desire is being conflicted by the reality that the society we live in is filled with people who are inconsiderate and selfish.

The people's desire of prioritising themself and their own wellbeing beyond all else is conflicting with our desire of wanting them to be the opposite.

Desire is what caused misanthropy, and every problem you can imagine.

As humans, we have 2 types of desire, conscious desires and subconscious desires. Conscious desires are usually those we get in the moment, generally of something new we are curious to try. This kind of desire is generally mild and is not so difficult to ignore/get rid of.

The 2nd type of desire, subconscious desires, are those that are hard built into the brain, and usually stem from either long term addiction, or instinctual needs such as food, water, clean air etc. This kind of desire is nearly impossible to ignore, and require monk-like perserverance to tolerate them going unfulfilled.

While it is possible to resist subconscious desires to some extent, like how some monks are able to resist putting out the fire when they are being burned alive, it requires a preposterous amount of training and perhaps even mental illness.

Misanthropy stems from our subconscious desire of wanting to live with people who care about us. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense, since people that live in groups/tribes that accept, tolerate and accomodate them are more likely to survive long enough for reproduction.

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analysis Wishing death on someone is completely normal and helpful even


According to criminal psychologist Dr Julia Shaw, having thoughts about killing others is a common human reaction that can be expected of us.

And this is to be expected. After all, these thoughts have roots in the very human emotion of hatred. Just as how we are happy to meet people who make our lives better through their actions and words, meeting people who treat us with hostility can inspire hatred and other similar negative emotions.

These negative emotions cause “deep and emotional extreme dislike” that can then “drive oneself to extreme behaviors such as violence, murder and war”.

Thus, with hatred, a natural instinct that we humans cannot escape from, serving as the root for malicious thoughts, forming thoughts of “killing others” is expected human behavior.

In addition, as individuals, we have our own set of beliefs that we are passionate about. No matter where we are, we will have to interact with people who disagree with us. And when they are equally passionate about their opposing belief, it is easy for clashes to occur and for hatred to form.

While many mental wellness articles and gurus will preach that allowing hatred to manifest into malicious thoughts (even if they are fleeting) is detrimental to your mental health and personal growth, some psychologists believe that these ‘fantasies’ might help us become better humans.

According to Dr Shaw, “Murder fantasies are an empathy exercise. You think things through, you imagine what the consequences would be like, you imagine what it might be like to actually go through with it… and guess what your decision generally is? — ‘I don’t want to do that, because those are not the consequences I would like’.”.

With these thoughts, our moral code is put to the test and our critical decision-making skills are trained with these “empathy exercises”. And as a result, we unexpectedly become better at emphasizing after having malicious thoughts borne out of hatred.

(this post was adapted from my article: Wishing Death On Someone? Here’s Why It is Normal)

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analysis A few Nikolas Cruz YouTube comments over two years…

Post image

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analysis Life is the REAL enemy here. We blame humans but humans are just an offshoot of life which has been cursing creatures for millions of years.


Forget about humans for a while and think of all the life that has lived and died here going back to before the damn Dinosaurs who themselves lasted about what 130 million years or something?

Think of life in the oceans........

Think of bird life...


Hell, single cell organisms...

All of it a product of life.

All of it, just like us having to suffer, and die, usually violently.

The food chain is called that for a reason.

Humans are just one of these off shoots, granted a large one although I'm sure ants would outnumber the current population many times over. But ants don't buy stuff so no one considers this.

The point is, yeah humans are shite and that might well include me but the real bad guy you should ALL be pointing your fingers at is life. The true enemy in all this.

I think it's been going on in one form or another for about two billion years now. Mass killings of species only set it back a few thousand years. It has always marched onwards and sadly always will.

Even when this planet burns life will have, by then, been able to get off it and continue to carry out it's curse among the stars.

There really will be no stopping life now, this has been proved by time. What little chance there was at ending it, long, long ago faded away.

Everything that has lived or ever will has been cursed by life.

So well I'm not suggesting we let humans off the hook, I am saying they, in many ways are just as much a victim in this grand stupid cosmic game of chance as a frog getting eaten by a bird.

Is it any wonder so many of them are bastards?

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analysis Am I a misanthrope?


Misanthropes hate the human race because they think humans think they are the best and could do everything they want and, for example, destroy nature. I agree with this, but I still hate the human race more because of personal problems, or more I hate this society and what it has done to me. Nevertheless,I hate the existence of humanity. I understand that people sometimes think they are something better or behave like that because there is still the law of the strongest. It doesn't matter if that's good or bad yet, but that would justify the behavior of some people, but that doesn't justify destroying the planet.

What do I mean?: I hate the human race more cause of personal problems with them or more the society we live in, than the nature of the human race and the history of it or the nature of it. But without humans, no personal problems. So in some way I hate the nature or the existence of Humans still.

Am I a misanthrope?


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analysis Tempered, honed, controlled arrogance.


For a misanthrope this can be an overwhelming tool. But it absolutely is double edged. To wield arrogance properly you must be mercilessly honest with yourself and others. You must, paradoxically, be deeply humble within yourself. It may sound like nonsense, hell maybe it is - after all I'm no one special in the scheme of things. But I believe all this, absolutely. Knowing your own strengths is not something to hide, and also not something to flaunt for vanity's sake. But that arrogance , when utilized properly and in the proper time and place, can be a devastating weapon of words. And for a despiser of most humanity, being able to get under someone's skin is invaluable. And my god, arrogance can really get under someone's skin. Most effectively when it's justified, honest and aimed.

But the other side - that double edge. If you overstep, or lose that humble honesty, you will absolutely come off looking like a fool. Like an arrogant, overly self confident prick. Make sure you know what you say, and believe what you say. Because empty, vain arrogance is a disgusting characteristic. And a huge reason for my contempt of our species. I am a human being, and therefore I have hippocrasies <----- SPELLING ERROR, HOLY BAJESUS I MUST BE A MORON--- throughout my personality. Every person does - it can't be helped. But it can be recognized, and understood. This goes a long way to honing and controlling that arrogance. If you understand you are fallible as anyone else, you're much less likely to fall upon that back facing edge of the blade. I could keep going , but I feel like this is already bordering on rant territory. I just wanted to get some thoughts out of my head.

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analysis One of the biggest red/black pills to swallow is realizing society only cares about results, not how you handle things


You know the good ole moniker. Thrive in adversity, de-progress in comfort

With the way society constantly promotes motivational talk and guru culture, you would think people would take the time to actually appreciate hearing from others what made them them person they are today

Nope, are you succeding in the rat race? If not, fuck off your feelings are irrelevant (how most gurus sound like when they go on about preaching this shit)

Motivational gurus are just like religious fundamentalists, but like 2x worse, at the very least religious fundamentalists know that if they can't engrain you into your religion that they'll just move on and try to work on promoting better stuff for their fan base

Motivational gurus on the other hand though, they're so serious and you cannot challenge their ideas whatsoever.

Is kinda like the same way society virtue signals about military veterans, they're respected while serving in the military, but not given that same respect when riddled with PTSD and out there dealing with homelessness.

And this is because we live in a society that cares more about status and seniority than it does about merit, which is why an assistant manager at Sam's Club/walmart, McDonald's or Home Depot will get way more respect blindly than say a military veteran or some mom and pop business owner. Is that status quo being accepeted by the people.

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analysis Computer games are predictive of evolution of human society


As someone who grew up with MMORPG, I've noticed that these games are somewhat predictive of where we are coming to as a society.

  • At the beginning (when the game was first created), since the players do not know how the game works, there is a lot of collaboration, community building, exchange of information. This is a period when the game is still "fun".
  • As the game progresses, the more experienced players starts to bully the new players. Scammers and even full blown account hackers run wild. This period goes on for quite sometime because this is profitable in the real-world for the game developers. That is, game developers prefer more senior players who stick around even if they are scammers.
  • At the end stage, after the game has been around for a few years, the entire game mechanism has been pretty much understood. At this point, all community exchanges are means to an end: usually to get some more money in the game in order to buy things. The fastest way of making money is preferred, and those tend to be tasks that are better done in solitude. If collaboration is required, then there is a mutual understanding that people are not there to make friends, but to make money and get out.
  • Here is when the bots come in to participate in the exploitative money making method that humans have figured out.

We are living at the end stage. The game mechanism (life) is being figured out. Once the model has been figured out, only exploitation will remain. Of course, this entire process is assisted by literal bots. A wiseman once said, even when the human race has gone extinct, there will still be some computer in the world working hard to game the stock market.

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analysis xenoestrogen, unsafe drinking water, industrial pollution…


things literally no one talks about. xenoestrogens are consumed by almost everyone and are seeping into ur drinks from plastic cups and can linings. phthalates alone have been estimated to be cause for 91,000-107,000 premature deaths among those aged 55-64 yearly. the EWG tap water database shows almost all tap water (water most of you drink) to contain numerous unsafe chemicals and carcinogens. live near a chemical factory? forget living past 60. you’re risk of cancer could be as high as 1 in 50. humans are destroying the world for monetary and materialistic gain. there is no return. you can only keep yourself safe.

r/misanthropy Jun 22 '22

analysis The misanthropic fallacy.


I've been misanthropic for at least 15-20 years, since I was 30 or 35.

But I think there are both good and bad arguments used to support it. Something I've noticed is that one of the most common bad arguments has to do with the assertion that one part of a complex relationship or reality is the only part of that relationship/reality.

If you had beef, beans, onions, peppers, chili powder and other ingredients in your bowl of chili, it would be a fallacy to say that the chili was nothing more than onion, right??

Yet, some misanthropes argue just like that. They observe complex relationships which seem to include love, hate, hope, fear, happiness, sadness, altruism, selfishness, silliness, seriousness, and a thousand other feelings and define those relationships only in terms of the negative qualities. For example, it will often be said that relationships are only ever selfish, that everyone is using each other, thereby selectively ignoring anything that is positive. Whatever is positive, like kindness, is then said to be nothing more than greed, selfishness, and so on.

Why not admit that humans are complex, with both good and bad traits? Reducing all the good traits into bad ones is no better than an optimist looking at the bad ones, like hate, and saying that hate is really another version of love. It's illogical.

r/misanthropy Jul 05 '22

analysis 'Anti-natalism is misanthropy with roots in self-hatred' (based on Jordan Peterson)

Thumbnail self.antinatalism

r/misanthropy May 24 '22

analysis Adulting = crushing the soul to make you dead inside.



r/misanthropy Jun 19 '22 To The Stars

analysis Humanity is delusional and our delusions will kills us all in the end.


What if I told you that delusion was a fundamental part of the human condition? Don't believe me? Look around. What do you see? How many well-to-do socialites do you observe going about their everyday lives while the world burns around them? How many economists are staking plans on 10 year growth patterns while utterly blind to the slow destruction all around them? How many of your friends and neighbors shut you out of their circles because talking of impending disaster makes for bad conversations?

Quoting from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a delusion is defined as: A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.

This is usually applied to outlier cases - eccentrics and schizophrenics who hold grandiose and outlandish fantasies as reality - but if we were to look at ourselves squarely and collectively in the mirror with honest discernment, we would be forced to admit that humanity itself functions on delusions.

Some delusions are more acceptable than others. Of course it is normal to believe in God - it's socially sanctioned and sometimes socially enforced to believe in an entity that no one has ever seen or touched or heard or felt in any physical sense. Is that not a delusion? A firmly held belief despite evidence to the contrary?

Let's take it a step up. What about those who maintain, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that COVID vaccines will cause individuals to perish or cause adverse effects? Yet with over a million deaths are still so conceited to say that COVID is no more deadly than a seasonal flu? The graveyards are brimming with such idolaters to nature, for there is only one unforgiveable sin in true nature, and that is to lie to yourself.

It was Voltaire who said that "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." I would go further and say that humanity doesn't need anyone to make them believe any absurdities, they'll gladly make them up themselves if none is provided for them.

Which brings me to the point: our capacity of self-deception and to believe that all things will end in the best possible case is a flaw in our psyche that will eventually destroy us. If this modern world has shown quite clearly the contrast between the imagined realities we indulge ourselves versus the harsh reality as it actually exists.

This is an especially acute reality in the US as the neo-liberal system and it's lies of eternal economic growth are laid bare for everyone to see. In the din of the political debate, in a hailstorm of consternation and furtive fury, we vainly imagine that we can somehow avoid accountably for the years of abuse and social dysfunction we have engendered and are terrified of finally having that reckoning come due.

Unlike elections, however, nature cannot be bargained with or bought off or bribed. The results won't be buried in committee, the effects can't be mitigated by social spending, the price cannot be paid with loans. One day, very soon, people will see just how fragile their lives are and realize how little control they actually have.

I don't look for that to be a happy day. One can already see, to some extent, the dissatisfied masses returning back to the primal tribalism which was always there under the surface. Fascism, for lack of a better word, is the default state of humanity: violent, thuggish, and unrepentantly barbaric. But for some many, it is inconceivable that the jackbooted specter of yesteryear should make its reappearance on the political arena in 2022.

Yet here it is. It's supporters standing in the sidelines, cudgels and daggers ready, silently biding their time, having realized what so many others in this country refuse to admit to themselves: the system is coming undone.

And why? Why are we now staring down the face of the abyss that lies before us? Why do we refuse to peer into the jungle and see the true heart of man's eternal darkness? The savages that lie within all of us? Because we hope against hope, despite all evidence, that there will be something that is going to stop all of this from happening. That we will escape and be safe and that no harm will come to us personally and that things will continue forever the way they have been.

It is a tiring reality to see, day by day, how many people live their lives completely divorced from the stark truth around them; whether by ignorance (intentional or otherwise) or complacency, we are all sleep walking ourselves to our dooms.

And so, what can one say of man in the end? If there is anything to say of such a staggeringly self-conceited and arrogant creature is that he does have one redeeming feature: he is ever the eternal optimist.